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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I went to Oxford Primary school in Munster till 1989! I really enjoyed it there and I think it's still open
  2. Yes it is still one of the 44 schools, infact I have been on a visit there last year!

    It is a big school, I don't know how many children and classes but it is still there, others such as Edingburgh and Cambridge have closed however.
  3. Oxford is having to lose 2 teachers this year and rumours abound about the barracks (and school) closing in 3 years time, so there's unlikely to be a vacancy there. But staffing situations can change very rapidly, so you never know.
  4. Have just been re-reading my info and one sheet says that people in the pool sometimes get told about jobs in the october or the feb - I'm a bit concerned that I may not be able to give the proper notice to my current school - I was really hopeing to start hearing about things in the summer term for september - does anyone know what the chances of this are? After all, surely SCE teachers have to give notice at the usual times, or is the recruitment system maybe just a bit disorganised. I think I've just got really itchy feet to go!
  5. Why are SCE teachers worrying about the cut of cola? Afterall, they pay no fuel and light (unlike army bods posted out here). Army bods have to pay for babysitting should we wish to go out at night, which will also be paid for by ourselves as we do not receive a recreation allowance. We also have to pay for a cleaner , if we require one- unlike sce teachers who are allowed to claim for this gem. Army families have very little option as to where they are posted -the needs of the army comes first! Teachers apply to work for SCE under their own steam - it's their choice!! - just like people join the army under their own steam and accept the terms and conditions offered.
  6. In reply to sunnydundee the reason SCE teachers have such a feeling about the COLA is they were specifically recruited and joined SCE under the terms and conditions of employment as advertised by SCE. These included housing (which is now only free for 5 years), salary and COLA.

    This makes it a good package. If some or all are withdrawn it is not. If you look in the employment section on this web site you will see schools which give free housing for the length of your stay, ie unlimited, and generous tax free salaries. These packages are becoming more attractive than the SCE package.

    SCE themsleves are worried about the recruitment and retention knock on effects of cutting allowances.

    You cannot compare SCE staff to Army recruits, the way people are recruited and retained is different. Teh conditions of service are different. We joined SCE and you joined the Armed forces.
  7. Do you get to hear the result of the SCE interview straight away or do you have to wait several days? Do they only inform people who have been successful?
  8. One of the reasons why COLA is so important is that it helps to offset the cost of flights back to the UK. Teachers are not able to access trooper flights, or only on a stand-by basis. No good if you have to be in the classroom on a Monday morning. And as for claiming for a cleaner?! That's a new one on me.
  9. I want to teach in forces schools for the experience of teaching overseas. In response to sunnydundee, there are loads of overseas teaching posts which have very generous saleries and accommodation encluded etc - if SCE weren't offering the COLA and recruitment retention package then I almost certainly would be looking to teach elsewhere, somewhere sunny and cheap probably where there are plenty of young teachers . The SCE said at the interview that they often struggle to recruit and have to do extra recruitment drives. If they want high quality teachers to be attracted to the posts then there needs to be extra incentive.

    In response to catney - I went to the interview on Tuesday morning and they called me on Weds morning to say I had been accepted. Must stress that this interview was to join the primary teaching pool. Someone said that they have been interviewing for other jobs which are probably some of the secondary posts that have been advertised, so perhaps the process is different. I was told at the interview that I would find out the next morning.

  10. Just to stir things up a bit - don't forces personel get to retire at 45? Thats what.... oh yeah - 20 years before I will! Mioooooww Correct me if I'm wrong though please!
  11. Longstockings,
    I dare say that last remark was made in jest.
    Nevertheless, as an ex pats brat, and army wife, that sort of comment is exactly what gives SCE teachers a bad name among the forces community. Having suffered at the hands of 70's Services Education, I wouldn't want my daughter to be taught by someone just in it for the money, whose regard for the children's parents was pretty low.
    I'm sorry but thats how that last remark came across.
  12. In answer to the likelihood of Oxford closing in a couple of years time - SCE staff are only out here because of the British Army. When the brits pull out of germany - possibly in 20 to 30 years time - then no teachers will have jobs! neither will any of the civil servants come to think of it.I am not sure that teachers would be entitled to COLA whilst living and working in one of the super garrisons in the uk!

    The only people entitled to a trooper flight back to the uk are single soldiers. Married and accompanied are not entitled to use this system - so they too have to pay for their own flights back to the uk, out of their LOA. The new COLA for teachers is now on a par with LOA of a captain - (band D) . Much fairer for all .

  13. Hi there,
    How do you go about applying for the primary pool. the website states that you should only apply for any jobs advertised. there does not seem to be any information about applying for a pool. Any info would help,
  14. Of course feene that comment was in jest! The idea of teachers being in it for the money is laughable! Have you seen teachers pay scales recenlty? I'm sure four years at university could have given greater dividends elsewhere. I want to teach in SCE schools for many of the reasons that people joined the armed forces for in the first place - to work and travel abroad under the wing of the British Government, to be part of a close, supportive community. I have family who are serving officers and have worked for a RAF serving school before in the UK - I have been brought up in a very happy Forces environment - so no I'm not in it for the money. Comments like yours are the kind that would put genuine, dedicated, good teachers off posts like this where you are giving the impression that teachers will be open to predjudice and bad feeling from forces personnel. As for the comment about low regard for parents - where did that come from? Teaching in a Forces service school is not an easy ride - constant flow of children in and out of the school means that the role of parents is extremely important and requires patience and understanding from teachers. I expect to be working in partnership with the parents of the children in my class. I sincerely hope that teaching in an SCE school doesn't leave me devoid of a sense of humour as well! : )

    andyref7 - I waited till January when I knew that SCE advertised for people to join their teaching pool. They said that their aim was to do all their recruiting at this time but said that they often 'run out' of teachers and have to do another recruitment drive later in the year. I suggest just keeping your eyes on TES.
  15. My children were at Oxford School and the older one was in Mr Donnachies class. I worked as a TA in the Special Needs Unit there. I am sure it was round about 1989.

    You will have a great time as when we were out there teachers were automatically members of the Officers Mess.
  16. longstockings:
    I think you may have misunderstood my reply. To clarify:
    1. I DID see your remark in jest. But by your own admission (Miaow) it was catty. SCE teachers life is made harder by prejudice. Those sort of remarks cause prejudiceand hinder the partnership you referred to in your later post.
    2. Having just taken a huge pay cut to become a teacher, I'm well aware that teachers aren't in it for the money. I probably misunderstood your intentions, but you did write the only reason you were applying for SCE was for the retention bonus and COLA. I think you can undrstand that as a parent this remark is like a red rag.
    Hope you could see where I was coming from. Hope you enjoy your time with SCE.
    Happy Easter :O)
  17. That's maybe a strange question, but do people have to be British to work at such schools?
  18. Does anyone know if you can apply to this pool as an NQT?
    I wonder if this year could count towards your NQT?

    Thank you in anticipation of your answers.
  19. Could we go back to the 'how do you apply to the pool' question. I asked the same question in another thread but didn't get an answer there either.


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