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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Boffin_not

    Boffin_not New commenter

    Kim I'm of the same hopeful opinion - before I fill out another application I wondered if anyone at all has heard from the NQT pool. They are supposed to be interviewing tomorrow - is there a miniscule chance that they would change the date and delay proceedings?
    I think my glass is half full!
  2. Hello
    I have been told to look into teaching for a forces school, as i am currently looking into working abroad. I was wondering if anybody had any information about secondary teaching and recruitment. As i can see there has been a promary recruitment recently as was wondering if i have missed out on the secondary one.

    Thank you

  3. You can find information on the SCE website Francinea about when they are recruiting, how they do it, and general info on working for a SCE school abroad. I haven't seen a Secondary Pool, I'm not sure if they do one due to the subject specialism in Secondary that we don't have in Primary (we are 'just' teachers generally - not 'English' teachers etc). They have the specific vacancies advertised on their site, although they usually are advertised on the TES job pages too.
  4. Geekgirl78

    Geekgirl78 New commenter

    Hi Francinea:
    just to re-iterate what HP has just said. You can find vacancies here:
    For secondary, they advertise on a post-by-post basis. They have just advertised for a slew of secondary posts, but that's not to say that there won't be more (I imagine). Just keep on checking.
  5. Dramakween

    Dramakween Occasional commenter

    I really feel for you. Applications take such a lot of time and thought, and to not even get a reply is just SO rude.
    Not much consolation if you didn't get shortlisted, I know, but you have my sympathy!

  6. sun seeker

    sun seeker New commenter

    thanks, i guess i just have to keep trying!
  7. Anyone know what is like doing supply for the SCE?
  8. dusseld1

    dusseld1 New commenter

    Did it for five years, having previously worked for them as a secondary Head of Dept. I loved it as there was a group of us who kept meeting up at different schools.
    However, quality of accomodation varies and not all Messes welcome civvies..Also they can be a slow at paying back travel expenses. Holiday pay is based on full 3 weeks ie if you work 7 you'll only get paid for one week's holiday. Still it was good fun I'm now back teaching in an International school in Luxembourg and occasionally miss the comaraderie (excuse spelling) of the supply pool.
    Best of luck
  9. Done supply for a year nearly now, in three schools. Great fun and am really glad I did it!!
  10. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    Already? I'm STILL waiting for a posting. Got a feeling it won't happen:(
  11. Apply for the supply pool next time it comes up! Lots of movement going on so many temp jobs are coming up! The new jobs I guess still go to the NQT's, like in the UK!
  12. moseyj2000

    moseyj2000 New commenter

    I have an interview in two weeks time and have been asked to provide a portfolio when I emailed and asked what they would like in sed portfolio they said whatever I like..... any advice?
  13. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Lesson plans, observation feedback forms, any positive correspondence from parents (with names hidden) etc.

    SUPER.SUPPLY Occasional commenter

    In addition to the above, any good examples of writing/work is what i provided. Comments and cards from colleagues or parents also were rifled through as I spoke to one interviewer.

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