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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I'm going for an interview with the MOD on Tuesday for joining the Primary Teaching Pool. Does anyone have any advise prior to interview? My parents were teachers in Germany for many years and had an amazing time but I would love to hear from anyone who has taught with SCE recently. Are there any areas that I really should avoid or think carefully about? I'm in my second year of teaching, in my early twenties and enjoy a good social life.
  2. thanks for your reply, arndtheidi. Cyprus does seem very appealing - fingers crossed then. Just a bit concerned in case they offer me something in the Faulklands or some of the other more remote areas!
  3. Most first appointment are sent to Germany, although people are also sent to Cyprus. You can say no to any place you are asked to go from the pool, without any problems.

    Look at a map if you are asked to go any place in Germany and decided if you really want to live there. Some places are a bit remote while others are near main cities.

    It is very unlikely that anyone who is new will be aksed to go to a remote location, but if you would like to, if you are accepted to the pool you should let them know. They will send you a preference form where this can be written.

    BEWARE - The COLA is being reduced by 50% in August so you will not get as much money as they are currently advertising. It is also possible that it will be further reduced in the future. I am sure when you ask them about it they will say it is in consultation but we all know the Defence Management Board do not consult they just change things to save money.

    Have a good interview, it is a good life out here but just do you calculations so you know just how much you will really get in terms of pay. I would recommend the SCE experience.

  4. Does the SCE allocate appointed teachers to the schools or do the Primary headteachers choose who thye would like from the list? Does anyone know how many staff they are seeking to appoint to the Primary Pool?
  5. hi - I am also going to an interview next week, but it is to join their secondary supply pool in Germany.

    longstockings - I don't know, of course, what SCE is like as an employer, but I know what it is like to live in Germany. I am living in Germany at the moment and things a cheaper than in the UK, roughly I would say about 30% cheaper, depending on where you are from in England. So, even if they cut the COLA, which would be a shame, but financially you can live in Germany with an english teacher's income without extra money. I think in terms of experience it really would be good, for you and for me. Let's hope both of us are successful - all the best. My interview is on Wednesday of next week, bu the way.
  6. Headteachers select the people they want from the pool list. You can say no if you do not want to go to that school. You could always ask on here if you want to know more about the school.

    COLA, while the cost of things in Germany and Cyprus are less than the UK the point is that it does cost more to live out of the UK with flights home and all that! There are also child care issues, your familiy are not here to help you out, you have to therefore pay for some help if you would like to go out in the evening.

    Yes you can live on the reduced COLA but it is very much reduced. I suppose this is a very internal point of view.
  7. I was expecting to be able to save money from not paying rent and having the COLA, I'm only on M2 at the mo and just managing to scrape by every month in london! Oh well, I really just want to go for the experience and to live within driving distance of the rest of Europe. I'm single so no family to worry about and not too many expensive habits!
    Best of luck with the interview scout55.
  8. To be fair you will have plenty of money to save. You will get the whole of your M3 £22338 as it will be if you are here next year. You will get £3793 for a recruitment and retention allowance and then the COLA which I think is going to be £2420. That will be a total of £28551.

    In Inner London next year you would get, £26007. As you said you will have no rent so it is much better. Just that the COLA was £4179!
  9. Well I got accepted into the teaching pool - v pleased with myself and hope some job offers come rolling in soon! Thanks for the advice folkes!
  10. Congratulations on getting into the pool. I know some people think, as I have read on here, that everyone is accepted but I know that it is not the case. The interviews and the recruitment process is as strong as in any UK LEA.

    Did they give any indication of number of jobs they thought there would be this year?

    Did they make any comment on the COLA?

    Good luck with all the forms:)
  11. Well done Longstockings. Now that you have been through the process, how about answering some of the questions people are always asking here: who was there, what were you asked, how did you prepare, etc...?
  12. It is a while since I had an interview but from what I recall...

    What are you asked...

    all the standard teaching application questions and s few on pupil mobility.

    How do you prepare..

    look on web site sceschools.com so you have a feel for things and get ready in the standard way with any interview. Just give a moments thought about how you would welcome new children into your class.
  13. No, not you, you silly Billy! People, like Longstockings, who have just taken the plunge and do have recent experience of what the interviewing panels think is hip these days. It will help some of the other posters prepare.
  14. I also had an interview with them, still waiting to find out though. Don't think I have been successful somehow. There were three people there, 2 head teachers, one from SCE. All very business like, very serious. I have had much better, more relaxed interviews. Questions were: How would you handle bad behaviour? Give us an example of what you would class as a successful lesson. How would you cope with a child that has just been put into your class from a different forces school - how would you ensure continuity? How important is assessement to you? How important is parent involvement?

    I applied to be in the supply pool, you can only work for 2 terms and then you have to take a break. So it is not ideal anyway. Has anyone out there ever moved from supply to a porper teaching post? Would be interested to hear.

  15. Dont mind posting some info on interview questions - will give it a good shot tomorrow. Meanwhile, have about 66 books left to mark for parents evening tomorrow - Boo!
  16. OK from what I can remember these are vaguely the questions I got asked - there was the main recruitment woman and two headteachers from schools in Germany. I found the interview very friendly and relaxed and felt really comfortable - I had a portfolio of work with me which I think they really appreciated.

    Walk us round your classroom - what is on the walls, how are the children sat - tell us about the children in your class. Class size, special needs etc
    Target setting
    How do I assess learning
    How do I plan - do I plan with other teachers or on my own
    How would the movement of forces children impact on my teaching
    Involvement of parents
    What I think the are limitations of the numeracy and literacy strategy
    Do I know about Excellence through Enjoyment - cross curricular learning etc
    How do I cater for children who are less able but do well at other subjects apart from literacy and numeracy?
    How do I include special needs children in the classroom

    Talked generally about extra curricular activities but can't recall much else - hope this is helpful to some people and good luck if you are going for interview!

  17. p.s I didn't ask about the COLA but they did say that they normally do a recruitment drive but run out of teachers and have to do another one. I forgot to ask if KS2 jobs often came up because on the application forms it says that most jobs are in KS1 but others are welcome to apply. I wouldn't mind doing Y2 but don't have much experience!
  18. Schools are generally primary schools, there do tend to be more classes in Key Stage One, an example of this may be 2 classes in each of FS2, Y1 and Y2 and then one class in each of Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. That therefore does not mean that there are never KS2 classes that need a teacher!

    I would be flexible if I was you, if you are placed in a small school then you will probably want a year group you are comfortable in as you may not have year group suppport but if you are in a larger school then other teachers in that year group will help you and support you. This would therefore mean it is a great way to get more year group experience.

    I would say yes to a job if or when they do offer you one. I know that they are keen to recruit people who are young and keen. Many in SCE are rather old and have been in place for years!
  19. so andim - you sound like you really have the inside knowledge - where abouts roughly are you? Is there anywhere you really wouldnt recommend? How long have you been out there for? My parents initially went for 2 years in the 70's and ended up staying 19 years! I actually went to a primary school near Munster for 10 years.
  20. Yes, there are places that I would not go to. There are places that I would love to go to.

    Which school did you go to, there are only 44 schools left worldwide now so probably the one you went to has been closed.

    Won't say which school I am so I can continue to contribute openly to this forum.

    Just post on here and I will let you know yes or no.

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