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Teaching in Barcelona ?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mrjack, May 16, 2011.

  1. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    HI guys,
    Anyone know anything or have any experience teaching in Barcelona? What's it like as a city to live in and how much do you need to be paid to have a good time and save some cash? I hear the wages are poor in Spain as a rule?
    Any advice grately appreciated.

  2. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Would love to sample some spanish life - espacially Barcelona - but it seems very hard to get an opportuity there. I've probably sent 12 applications over the last few years and never once heard back. Given I've worked constantly throughout that period, I assume Spanish schools are oversubscribed with applicants, despite the 'low salary' everyone mentions.
  3. Hi,
    <font size="2">What you earn in a British school in Spain depend on your qualification and the job, as a teaching assistant you earn about &euro;1000 after tax and as a classroom teacher
    you earn between &euro;1400 and &euro;1500 after tax. In the public schools, your
    starting salary will be about &euro;2500 but that will be strictly for spanish citizens as you will have to go through a process called OPOSICION. Anyway, Barcelona is a beautiful and vibrant city
    with lots of activities that you will hardly get bored. If you can find a decent accomodation somewhere in the outskirt you should do very well in Barcelona with &euro;1500.
    <font face="Times New Roman">

  4. As a classroom teacher, you will get paid approximately 1500 Euros, if you are single, the trick is to look for accomodation such as a studio or shared apartment with other teachers in the school. If you plan to travel with your partner, most schools give the possibility for partners to work with the school even as assistants with primary school (Note: British Schools in Spain run both primary and secondary schools in the same premises). http://www.fotocasa.es/viviendas/barcelona-provincia/alquiler/listado?opi=36&***=1;2;6;7;8;52;54&crp=1&ftg=true&tv=true&cu=es-es&craap=1&odg=false&pgg=false&fav=false
    "I read that rent alone could set you back 1000 Euros? " (this is not totally true, depends on what you are looking for, check the site above for some information about rent).
    The link above may be useful when looking for apartments, there are other sites which I imagine you might want to explore in terms of accomodation. I hope this information will answer some of your questions.
  5. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    HI Joslan,
    Thanks for your input so far. So if I get shared accommodation 1500Euros would be ok? would I be able to save money and live well on that in Barcelona? I'm having trouble thinking that thats possible??
  6. Josian...Like the username...
  7. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    Thanks again for your input sofar.
    So a single guy who would be going out quite a bit would be able to live well and save?

  8. WillD

    WillD New commenter

    Hi I've been offered a position in a school in Barcelona, but I am worried that my wife will not find work as the school has a policy on non teaching couples, she is a qualified pre school and secondary special need support, what chances does she have?

    Also any advice on cheep accommodation?

    Cheers for any advice.

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