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Teaching in Australia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by asiribanda, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Hi I have done Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training which is awarded by TQUK and I've got 3 years degree in my specialist subject. I am planning to move to Australia in few months, I need to know my existing qualifications are strong enough to register as a teacher in Australia.

    I understand that their requirement is to become a teacher is I should have completed at least four years of tertiary study, comprising at least one year of pre-service teacher education which incorporates primary or secondary teaching methods together with at least 45 days of supervised practice teaching in school, but this TQUK qualification is not full time course it is on-line flexible course however I've spent one full year to complete it.

    So can anyone tell me that my existing qualifications are okay to register as a teacher in Australia and if not what should I do to get (or top up my existing qualifications) teacher statues in Australia please?

    Many thanks

  2. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter


    My hubby and I looked at emigrating to Aus this qual doesn't give you Qts right. So is not suitable you need to do a pgce but not schools based. Aisitl will ask for proof of the 45 days teaching practice without it your application will be rejected.

    Job market really competitive unless you are science or maths at secondary really.

    You can do a pgdip over there to get your qual but it's very expensive.

    good luck
  3. serverservant

    serverservant New commenter

    My ultimate destination is Queensland after a fair number of years in international schools. I went over to Brisbane to see ACT officers and check that what I have seems ok. You need PGCE, testimonials of your teaching practice from training, attested references from schools for past five years, ACRO check and plenty besides. There are a good number of jobs in Queensland but you do need all the above more for skilled migration. Its taken me 12 months to get it all done and finally when I go back to the UK at christmas the last pieces of the puzzle are sorted and I will be sending the application to QCT in January. Fortunately, I have a school trip there in February to chase it up. January 2017 I hope to get there. Its a complicated, rigid and expensive process. Good luck with it but you will as Sherbear saiod need PGCE and GTC registration to get there.
  4. littlestar

    littlestar New commenter

    One of the first things to have to do when applying for a visa is have your education certified. This means when you arrive in Australia you will need to join BOSTES. ($150)
  5. brigelle

    brigelle New commenter

    i have just received my Queensland Teachers' Provisional Registration Certificate and it took ten months to get. Although I was born in Britain and educated there in my primary years,,, I did my secondary schooling and university studies in a Commonwealth country.... I was told I had to do an IELTS test to prove I could read, write and speak English. I have been teaching in different countries for approximately twenty five years! To get your registration you need lots of patience......good luck!
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  6. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    Mine took 10 months too.

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