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Teaching in Australia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by smithyrocks, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. A few quick questions:
    1. If you are planning to go to Oz and teach for a year is it better to do an exchange rather than just apply (looking at other threads the application seems to be a very lengthy process)?
    2.How does the Visa process work if you want to go initially for a year (also, if you decide you want to stay perm, is this easy? I'm 28 and have 6 year old son and I'm in my 5th year of teaching English)
    3.Do you have much choice in which area you teach in?
    4, (on behalf of someone else) if you have done your PGCE here, can you do NQT year/ equivilant in Oz?
    Think that's it for now - thanks in advance!

  2. Hope this helps. You have to decide which state/s you are interested in before going to much further.
  3. That's really helpful, thank you. Ideally I was hoping to be situated in/ near Melbourne as I know people there but I wasn't sure if that was realistic?
    My friend is a teacher in Oz and said you need different qualifications over there suach as first aid- do you do those once you are in post?
    Also, have you any idea how long the process takes (I know every case is different but I was just looking for a rough idea).

    Thanks again[​IMG]

  4. Hope this helps

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