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Teaching in Australia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Lisa79, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. I have recently receive my visa to work in Oz! All ready to go, I my VIT registration and was thinking of applying for NSW too, it should be too hard now I have evidence from VIT will it?

    I'll be out in sept and was wondering whats the best way to look for jobs? Also if anyone has any info interview and application from tips for schools in Melbourne I'd be very grateful!

  2. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    From my post (11) on 22 January:
    ?I will make some more enquiries, because if Teaching Australia is doing what you have been told, it is time it was stopped. Better still, I?ll see if I can get it abolished.?

    From my post (16) on 23 January:
    ?I have written to Julia Gillard, the Minister for Education, asking her to abolish Teaching Australia.?

    From ?Axe over Howard schools funding? (The Australian, March 11, 2008):
    ?Also in doubt is the future of Teaching Australia, established by the Howard government to promote quality teaching and professional standards, which has been criticised for duplicating the work done by existing state teacher registration boards.?

    And people say politicians don?t listen!
  3. Reading this - are 3 year Bachelor Degrees from England not considered by Teaching Australia?

    So a 4-year degree in Media Studies from Derby University is classed as being better than a degree in English from Oxford or Cambridge?
  4. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    I can't speak for the organisation I intend to have abolished, but you are missing the point. A three-year degreee in English from Oxford would be perfectly acceptable for registration if you also had a teaching qualification, such as a Diploma of Education (or the English equivalent). Similarly, a four-year degree in Media Studies from any university would be unacceptable without a teaching qualification. Australia insists on having qualified teachers in its classrooms, not TAs or cover supervisors taking classes. if you compare Australia and Britain's PISA rankings, you will see that having properly qualified teachers actually works, though the smaller classes, the lower teaching loads and the absence of such a body as OFSTED probably helps too.
  5. Sorry Chris, I must have got some earlier poster's statement wrong. I assumed he was referring to Teaching Australia's demand for four-year degrees, but you've made it clear.

    I've a 3-yr History/Politics degree and a 1-yr PGCE - would I be deemed 'suitable' by Teaching Australia?
  6. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    I think so, but your best bet is to contact Teaching Australia - before it is abolished - or one of the state registration authorites; e.g., the Victorian Institute of Teaching. The confusion probably comes from the fact that there are four-year Bachelor of Education degrees which combined the academic and teaching components in Australia.
  7. can anyone tell me the best websites/places to search for jobs in Victoria (and the rest of Oz ) please?? Also if anyone has any links to an overview of the Australian Curriculum and others stuff so i can research before i get out there

    i have my visa and will be emmigrating in September!

    cheers in advance to anyone that can help
  8. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    There is no Australian curriculum. Each state has its own. You can find Victoria's at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website and jobs at the Department of Education and Early Child Development website.
  9. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    The budget shows that Julia Gillard has not yet taken my advice and abolished Teaching Australia, but its funds have been cut substantially and its future is being reviewed:

    ?Responsible Economic Management ? Teaching Australia ? Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

    ?Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations?

    ?The Government will reduce funding to Teaching Australia over four years. Teaching Australia was established in 2005 to advance school leadership and the teaching profession. The Government will examine the role, function and structure of Teaching Australia. Other measures being taken by the Government, including through the additional funding being provided to strengthen literacy and numeracy in Australian schools, will complement the role of Teaching Australia.

    ?This measure will provide savings of $7.2 million over four years and delivers on the Government's commitment to responsible economic management.?

    Teaching Australia?s total budget for 2007-08 was $7.5 million, with $6.5 million provided by the federal government, so the initial cut of $2.6 million in 2008-09 is significant.
  10. If you're going to Australia on a working holiday visa, then you'll have no problem getting work doing supply teaching. Check The Age (Melbourne), Sydney Morning Herald for teaching agencies. I know that Select.com can sort people out with work before they leave for Australia providing they have a WHV already sorted out.

    When you're there, and doing supply, if it all works out, the school may sponsor you to stay and sort out your Skilled Migrant Visa application.

    However, if you have already worked in Australia on a WHV, then the only other option is to apply for a 4 year Skilled Migrant Visa which can cost a fortune and can take up to one year to process.

    I don't understand with the British Government allowing so many Aussie teachers into our schools, why the same doesn't happen down under...
  11. If you are interested in Victoria then I would check out Recruitment online- this is specifically for Victorian schools- by the Education Department. Many teachers join a CRT agency and work in a few different locations. This way they get known by schools and if they are any good the school will request them again and again. I would do this as well as dropping my resume into schools in my area because you get to see what schools can offer you too. You need to be registered with VIT to work in a Victorian school. Many teachers believe it is pretty much a waste of money (when you get here you'll see their brochures). Its role to date has tended to be authoritarian and disciplinary. Most of us hoped it would also promote the profession. The new pay raise, which we haven't seen yet, apparently is great for top teachers and graduates and only little increases for those between. Anyway goodluck- what a great experience you! Margie
  12. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    The VIT is an excellent idea that parallels the registration authorities of other professions, except unlike almost all others, the members of the profession actually get to elect representatives to its council. Teachers complain about it because they do not understand what it means to belong to a profession. You can see http://pub39.bravenet.com/forum/3280197123/show/642356 for a longer discussion.

    Only teachers at the top and bottom of the pay scale have had real increases. Those in the moddle will fall behind inflation over the next three years. If tecahers are unhappy with this deal, they can vote against it, but they won't. They actually agreed to a worsening of their working conditions by a three-to-one vote in 2004. The details are at the Victorian AEU website.
  13. CC, I won't disagree with you that VIT was a good idea. Many teachers will agree with the fact that it is important to be part of a professional body. I'm still waiting for that part to occur. Check and compare what other'professional bodies' do for their members e.g. nurses. Marg
  14. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Chris, while I agree it's important for suitably qualifed teachers to have their status verifed, what ELSE does VIT do? They certainly don't promote teaching in any way I have seen since I've been here. What did they have to say during the recent action by the AEU? Nowt.

    VIT have done f8uck all, and are just like the GTCE in the UK.
  15. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    marg and pomunder,

    The VIT is not a union. It is a registration authority. It has done exactly what it is supposed to do - maintain professional standards and ethics, which includes the accreditation of teacher training courses, a very powerful tool now in the hands of the profession. The Nurses Board and the Medical Practioners Board, which have no elected nurses or doctors on them, say nothing about nurses' or doctors' pay. They leave that to the Nurses Federation and the AMA. Only teachers get confused about this matter. I won't go on as I have covered most of what I could say at the reference I gave.

    If you want some more details on the Victorian teachers' pay deal, you can go to http://pub39.bravenet.com/forum/3280197123/show/706780
  16. Your statement... teachers seem to... What do you mean? Aren't you a teacher or do you just mean the rest of us? We had an adequate registration scheme that cost us $0. When the system began they promised us something very different. Despite your opinion why did the Victorian Government promised to launch an inquiry into the VIT? Oh and Chris should you want to find out any further information about teacher wages- google aeu victoria. Margie
  17. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    I was a teacher. I resigned last year - even before 54/11. You will find a little bit of an explanation of my thinking at http://pub39.bravenet.com/forum/3280197123/show/618849.

    Teachers did not have a registration scheme at all when the VIT was established. They had a qualifications check by the department - a totally different thing. The VIT, copied by NSW with its Institute and WA with its College, is a great opportunity for teachers, but they have to take enough interest to vote in the VIT elections. The review of the VIT announced last year by the government was the review intended from the beginning to take place at the 5-year mark. It was reported as being in response to teacher complaints, but it was not. My submission to the review is at the link I gave above.

    Thanks for the AEU reference. I already have all the agreement documents.
  18. CC, I think it is probably better to agree to disagree. I'm sure you know many people who agree with your opinion on their effectiveness and I'm sure one day I'll meet one of them. I agreed with the original ethos of this body (as it was originally presented to us) but unfortunately as good teachers know- they are not effectively communicating their message. You are right, we have two elected members. I personally will make my objection at the next election. Margie

    PS It has been a long week with the new meeting schedule (I promise you I had 7 meetings this week) AND naplan testing. So I sincerely apologise for my jibe at you as a teacher. I'm sure your classes last year were very sorry to see you go.
  19. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    We'll agree to disagree. I acept that the majority of teachers share your views on the VIT, but it's my mission to convince them otherwise. I'm passionate about it because I know why we have it and what potential it has.

    You shouldn't have 7 meetings in a week. The EBA says only two - and by mutual agreement as to time - if after school. I was fortunate to be in a school with a strong union branch and with teachers who stood together.

    No apology is necessary. I was not at all offended.
  20. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter


    Read the whole post.

    Doesn't your admission of "the majority" of teachers bring anti- VIT tell you something?

    I KNOW they're not a union but would be very interested in seeing evidence of promoting the profession. until then I will still perceive them as boil on the **** of a noble - well I won't call it a profession because it isn't - occupation.

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