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Teaching in Australia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Lisa79, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    I can't suggest where you should start. Soak up as much info. as possible and then it will fall into place.
  2. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    You could try contacting the Queensland College of Teachers, which I believe is the state registration authority.
  3. Hi Christopher Curtis, thankyou for your help. It is such a silly situation that they wont accept a 3 year degree with Hons and experience. They are going simply by qualifications and not skills. A good degree doesnt make a good teacher!!! I haven't applied to teaching australia as yet but want enough evidence before I do as I dont want to waste my money! I could end up having to spend money to do another years degree before I can apply.
  4. Chris,read here:

    Which migrant visa for oz

  5. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    I have now read it. Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone! Have been interested in reading your threads as I hope to go to Melbourne in July/August this year.I am keen to teach in Melbourne or surrounding areas.

    I am curently spending my half term filling in the VIC forms, hoping that I don't miss anything!

    Am just wondering if anyone can help with applying for jobs. I am going over for a 2 week holiday in April and think that if I knew the routes to go down to apply for jobs I could do it whilst I was there.

    From information I have read it does seem that people apply direct to schools rather than use agencies.
    Does anyone know where they would advertise vacancies for jobs and also what type of letter to write to schools? There doesn't seem to be a TES type thing over there that clearly advertises jobs.

    Would be fab if anybody could help me with these few hazy areas!
    MissPink x
  7. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    Miss Pink,

    The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has a website that allows you to apply to schools electronically. I have never used it so I cannot say any more about it. There are also jobs advertised in The Age. Schools, unfortunately, have their own key selection criteria that you will need to respond to in your application.
  8. Put this posting out as a different thread but saw the info on this thread and thought someone might have some info.
    I am currently a Primary Headteacher thinking of moving out to Australia, I was wondering what opportunities might be available for a similar position. I haven't decided which area/state to go to, I am thinking along the lines of South Australia and have sort of resigned myself to starting again as a class teacher. I thought I would just put this thread out to see if there are any information on the possibilities of getting a similar position in Australia, as that would be my preference. Currently, in the UK the average number of applicants for a Primary Head's position is four and 300 primary schools started the academic year without a Head, any stats along these lines for Australia?
  9. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    Head teachers are called principlas in Australia. Our school year starts in January or February (depending on the state). Principals in Victoria are locally selected by a panel of a Department rep (usually a principal), another principal (to keep it all in the club), two parents and one teacher. I doubt many schools wold start the year without a principal because the appointments process is continuous. I'd suggest doing a lot of research on education in the satet that you intend applying for if you want a chance at a principal's position. Trying for a vice principal, deputy principal or assistant principal position (terminology varies from state to state) might increase your chances. There are also promotion positons, such as leading teacher in Victoria.
  10. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Hello, Iorek - great name, though I've nothing to add to CC's advice, I thought I must say it.

    Miss Pink - once I completed VIT registration - may they rot in hell being poked by Beelzebub's minions, and not in a good way - I posted my CV to all the schools within a certain radius of my house, i.e. the distance I was willing to travel. I got quite a lot of offers of cover work, but by then I'd got a contract anyway. I don't know which way round you intend to do this, but it IS significant. Travel can be a ***** here as it is in parts of the UK. Travelling to an, ahem, challenging school in the outer suburbs will be wearing in the long run.

    Good luck.
  11. Chris, thanks for info. I think that might be a good route especially in a big school. Obviously being unfamiliar with the curriculum is a major disadvantage. I have looked at a couple of vacancies and the job spec/ job des for Heads are very similar to the UK in what they are looking for and possibly not as specific in some cases. Do you know anything about the private school system and recruitment.
    Much appreciated.
  12. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    The VIT is a fanatastic opportunity for teachers. Were I not so cynical I would be amazed at the negative reaction to its existence form some, but if you want any more argument on the question, I refer you to:


    I do not know much about private schools, except that most of them are Catholic and you could get information on them from the Catholic Education Office.
  13. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Iorek, please don't assume your lack of first hand knowledge of the curriculum is a disadvantage. I'm guessing you must have implemented new curricula in the UK. This skill is what counts, and intelligent would-be employers see this. Admittedly I did not enter at Headship level, but high enough to be charged with ensuring the success of a curriculum I had only encountered 3 months earlier. It's all systems; all the same. Read up and you'll be able to do it.
    Of course, short-sighted would-be employers will use your lack of the above as an excuse to hand you off. I experienced this, too.
  14. Thanks Pomunder, yes you are right, thanks for that. Ideally switching to a school in Australia and continuing a similar position would be great. Just preparing myself if this isn't possible.
    One of the reasons for posting the thread was to try and get an idea of the market in Australia for quality Primary principals. Over the next five years there is going to be a serious lack of UK Primary Heads, will that be the case in Australia and if so which states. I am thinking of going to South Australia and you apply direct tio the school for vacant positions, this set up is much better for quality candidates.
  15. Chris Curtis - Thanks, have had a look at the websites you recommeded and they are definately a good starting point, just need to get my teaching application sent off now!

    Pomunder - I think I will definately give that a go, I'm happy to get cover work as a starting point and then try and get a contract. I think it will just depend on what is available at the time.

    Am not looking forward to the long VIT apllication process, I sent them an e-mail a month ago and they have only just replied!
    Thanks so much for your reply, it's great to get a few tips as the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming at times, especially as I'm not even in the country yet! x
  16. The best of luck to all who are applying to Australia.
    On a related note, I am applying to Western Oz and am having terrible trouble getting replies from the Western Australia College of Teaching. I applied to have my qualifications assessed by them in November and still have not heard anything.

    Worryingly they replied to me thanking me for my application and asking me to send the transcripts I had already sent... :s
    I replied explaining that I had sent them etc. That was a month ago and no reply yet.

    I've read befroe that they can be slow to reply but 4 months is a bit much, most people have said 6 weeks or so.
    Any advice out there for getting a verdict from them?
  17. Pomunder - I have a few questions that I forgot to put on my other posts, you may not know the answer but thought it was worth asking anyway if you wouldn't mind (I have e-mailed VIT but they are so slow in responding!)

    On the VIT forms it asks for certified copies of CRB...I have made copies of my CRB check, issued 1 1/2 years ago when I joined the school I am at.Do you think this enhanced CRB check is enough and what they would accept?

    I am also a little confused in terms of what copies
    of exam qualifications they want.Do you think I need to copy certificates from A-level and GCSE's,they obviously counted towards me being able to complete my degree but not sure if they want qualifications that far back. At the moment I have just copied my degree,QTS, induction and PGCE certificates.

    Also do you you know if my induction certificate, issued after completing my first year of teaching, would count towards being 'a certified copy of official statemnys of teaching, demonstrating that I have completed 80 or more days of teaching experience'?

    Sorry to bombard you with so many questions,its a bit of a pain not being able to just ring them whenever these questions pop up!
  18. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Dear Pink

    CRB check, the one you've got should do, just tell them it's the latest you have, and is standard for UK schools. Now I think of it, they wanted the original, which I wouldn't hand over, so I took it to their office and they took a copy there. But I was in Oz by then, of course. I guess they'll accept a copy from the UK. Certificates - I sent copies of everything and let them pick and choose.

    Induction certificate - I would think so. I gave them a description of the content of my PGCE as well; my old uni didn't hold such detailed stuff back in the day.
    VIT seemed happy enough.

    Phoning. Do you know anyone who has Skype? It's dead cheap to phone, and you'll certainly need it when you get here. It's well worth ringing these carbuncles on the **** of the profession, especially about the CRB.

    Make sure that anything which has to be certified by a person of standing is from their list of such worthies. Naturally, a teacher is not considered to be good enough, though a police officer is!

    Good luck with it all.
  19. to anyone trying to teach in Oz... I am in the middle of the trying to get to otz etc, and have already been down the skilled mig visa route, and therby have been assesed by teaching australia - is is a requirement for this visa that u get the authorisation from TA. AND you must have 4 years tertiary full time ed or else they wont authorise u. i have a 3 year degree, so was devastated when i found out (and lost my AUD450) ... BUT i am refusing to let this put me off my goal, I am applying to do a masters at UNSW, so at least i can be there for a bit, and maybe try to get sponsorship at an independent school for when i finish. I am also doing a TESOL qualification, as there are heaps of language schools in the big cities in Aus, which is another possible 'solution'.

    Also there arent as many jobs in Australia for teachers as it is made out... newbies to the country/city mostly have to prove their worth on the casual teaching circuit first.

    I hope this is of help to anyone out there on their mission to teach in oz.

    hope my struggles are of benefit to you.

  20. BP whats the deal with a student visa, how long can you stay what is the criteria, are there any restrictions ie age etc. Any info appreciated

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