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Teaching in Australia- the first steps

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by dasker, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. dasker

    dasker New commenter

    Good Morning
    Finally after a few years and many a conversation with the wife, i think i have realised it is time to investigate with teaching in Australia

    I was hoping to get an 'idiots guide' to the initial steps/forms that need completing.

    I hold a PGCE certificate in Physical Education alongside my Sports Science Degree, I have 11 years experience in PE alongside 4 years of pastoral care experience

    Many Thanks for the help in advance

    David A
  2. shadowkitten

    shadowkitten New commenter

    Hello, I'm Australian so I may be able to help!

    Each state and territory in Australia (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania & ACT) has their own Teacher Registration Board so the first step is deciding which state you want to live in. Each registration board has different requirements so first steps are deciding which state and then looking on their website to find the relevant forms & information.

    I'm South Australian, here is the link to the South Australian teacher registration board: https://www.trb.sa.edu.au/
  3. Hi David,

    First step is to get a visa assessment. Schools will not provide a visa so the visa is essential.

    You should look at 189 skilled migrant visas- you may be eligible. It's got a 12 month waiting period though! Long process but worth it.

    3 months before you depart you need to obtain registration to teach as per the comment above.

    Once you have a visa, start applying for jobs. No point in applying before the visa is secured. You must have the legal right to work in Aus before a school would shortlist your CV.
  4. kayleigh16101

    kayleigh16101 New commenter

    Hi there,

    My husband and I are also planning to migrate. We both qualified as secondary teachers through Teach First and are reading conflicting information online about whether or not it is possible to get a 189 visa with this. Does anybody know anything concrete?

    Many thanks,
  5. Hi Kayeigh,

    To teach in Australia, you have to have a 4 year degree minimum. It can be either a 3 year Bachelor of anything with a PGCE in Primary 5-11 or Secondary 11-18 OR It could be a Masters of Education or a 4 year Bachelor of Education course etc.

    The Aussie boards of education are looking for evidence of at least 45 days of supervised teaching placements in schools, and uni based assessments.

    For the 189, from memory it has to be the PGCE Secondary 11-18 because this has the 45 days of supervised teaching and uni based assessments; however, you should aim to chat to a migration consultant to double check. Does your Teach First course give you a PGCE upon completion?

    Remember: QTS is not a thing in Aus so it's not going to mean much for your assessment.

    I'd recommend chatting to a migration consultant about this. Another option- you can get your qualification assessed by the AITSL- the official skills assessor for education in Australia. Some visas ask you to do this anyway!

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