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Teaching in Australia, Help!!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by HannahkFisher, May 6, 2012.

  1. I am desperate to move out to oz, I have a 3 year BAed with QTS, I know they will not accept this but does anyone know what i could do to either top up my degree..here or in Australia! or if its possible to petition the teaching council with my degree and teaching experience to possibly register? Help is much appreciated, Thank you!!!!
  2. In Australia it depends on which state you will be teaching in. I am in New South Wales, and here we have the 'NSW Institue of Teachers' who grant us our teaching certificate.
    Each state has slightly different regulations as to transferring qualifications from other countries.
    If you wish to gain some more teaching qualifications I would encourage you to enroll to study through the University of New England in Armidale, NSW. They have many different courses which are available to external students.
    However, I would encourage you to contact the state teaching authority to get the information that you need about the acceptance of your qualifications.
    Best of luck!
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    But was your teaching degree a 3 or 4 year one? NSWIT told me that you needed to have 4 years at University to gain approval...
    Like other posters have said you just need to get the information first hand as things vary state to state. I found the teach.NSW page on Facebook quite helpful xx

  4. I taught in Qld with a Bachelor of Learning Management (Australia has different degree names for everything, not just BA, BEd and BSc), it was technically a four year degree, but accelerated so done in three, but because I already held a degree I was a grad entry student so I did it in two years... so I taught after a two year teaching degree (on technicalities).
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    But you did 5 years at Uni? x
  6. Hi, I have just moved out to Australia (Canberra). I also have a 3 year BA hons primary education degree. I have had great difficulty getting to teach out here. Every time I tried to get any answer from someone they said I did not have enough years teritary study (you need 4 years). I have managed to finally start teaching, but I do not have my own class. The only way you can teach out here is if a school contacts the TQI(Teaching quality institute) and states that they want you to work with them and they are happy with your 3 years. You can then apply from TQI for a Permit to teach xx
  7. Butterflyboo's advice is correct - contact the registration body in the relevant state. In fact, before you do, go to their website, read their info and particularly the relevant legislation, you are likely to find something along the lines of "four year education degree or such other qualification as the Board may see fit to accept". Somewhere on their website will be the Board (or whatever they call it in that state) Policy on recognition of other qualifications.
    Since a three year degree CAN be the equivalent of a four year degree (ie an honours dgree) in Australia, it is possible you have an acceptable equivalent. If not, the Board may accept it is close but give you some requirements to meet before they give you registration, or they may simply give you provisional registration and tell you to teach full-time for a year or two before giving you full registration.
  8. Hi Nicola.I hope you don' mind me emailing. I am a primary school teacher from the UK , having completed my primary ed degree 5 years ago.My boyfriend and I have got a working visa for jan 2013 and I was hoping to do supply/ contract work and he will do a job similar to now - not teaching.we are looking to settle in melbourne, prob st kilda area. I filled out all the extensive registration forms and sent the certified docs, only tobe told that with my 3 year degre I could only apply for CRT. I am now in the middle of this, but realise that the section 'supporting school endorsement' will mean I need a sponsor. Is it okay to volunteer in a school for a week or two to get this? From there,which is best...agency such as ANZUK or handing out CVs?Many thanks in advance,

  9. Hi Hannah,
    In the olden days (well actually only ten or so years), you used to be able to teach with a three year degree. There are very experienced teachers out there with only 2 years of teacher training college, this is from the binary system (pre 1990). It used to be that a three year degree meant you started on a lower wage. Then they made people with three years do an upgrade qualification to give them a four year degree. I don't know if these conversion degrees still exist. Try asking a couple of unis in Australia. Otherwise you could do a GdipEd for a year or a GBEd for around 2 years depending on the uni, or do another specialist GCert or GdipEd, ie special needs or literacy support. Hope this helps! Ps the much curst QTI is only in the ACT. Every other state and Teritory has it's own teacher registration body. They are like the GTC and will not recognise your QTS (or know what it is) so avoid mentioning it in cvs etc. You will have go through the Australian equalivant of QTS regardless as our teacher standards are different to the English ones. They amount to the same thing but.......
  10. Hi, just to add to this, my friend here in Melbourne has a 3yr UK degree, and has applied to the VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) for Permission to Teach (Form D, I think) instead of registration (Form A), which should allow her to teach here as a CRT on a working hol visa and get a foot in the door (from my understanding most work is through repeat bookings and contacts anyway). I think part of the form does require somebody from a school here to vouch for you, but the supply agency (REdP) was able to help out with this by sending her to do a day in school. She's still waiting to hear back though, so can't really say any more than that, but worth looking into...

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