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Teaching in a Secondary School Sixth-form.

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by lukecassell, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. lukecassell

    lukecassell New commenter

    Hi there.

    As of this September (2017), I will be starting my PGCE in Geography (Secondary).

    However, some people have mentioned to me/asked me if I would be teaching sixth-form. I have assumed that this is the case, but recently, people have said to me that I cannot teach sixth-form level Geography unless I have done training in Further Education.

    Considering that the PGCE covers 11-18, I assumed that I would be able to teach sixth-form when I finish my PGCE. Since people have questioned it, I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere. Even when I ask people who I thought would know, they don't know either!

    So, basically, will I be able to teach sixth-form when I finish my PGCE?

    Thanks in advance, Luke
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Duh! I assume that you have a geography degree - or similar. Therefore you have the subject knowledge to teach sixth-form Geography. If you are doing 11-18 PGCE you will have a teaching qualification which enables you to teach sixth-form.
    There are squillions of teachers teaching sixth-form who have never been near an FE college.
    Here's the rub - everyone wants to teach sixth-form. Better behaviour, higher academic ability etc. All the teachers who have been there for years will have grabbed the sixth form students and you will probably have to teach the lower ability year 8 and 9s for a while. It is their reward for all the years graft which they have put in. Once you have a bit of experience you can teach sixth-form too.
    I would be very wary of any school which gave A level students to NQTs or student teachers. I taught A level whilst training but was very closely monitored.
  3. purplecarrot

    purplecarrot Senior commenter

    If you're qualified and make a great impression you're more than capable of teaching 6th form. Whether you get it depends on you as a candidate and the school.
    I know of somebody (mrs blog) who used to allocate themselves 6th form and top sets for GCSE and never did ks3. Then there was another group who'd pick up 6th form plus a mix of y7-11. Mrs blog would give all the ks3 & weaker groups to new staff or temp staff.
    Equally, I did 6th form in training year and have had it every year since when there's been a 6th form in my school. All 6th forms I've worked in have given 6th form to strong NQTs (and they're supported along the way and their mentor/key stage coordinator keeps a close eye). Good support goes a long way.

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