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Teaching Ideas -Year 9 Summer term

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Beet, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I need some ideas what others are doing with their Year 9's during the year (5-7 week programme)

    If someone has a scheme of work that they would like to share that will be great.

    All ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  2. This year, our year 9s have done 'world of technology' (who has played a significant role in technology and its impact on society), graphic design and animation and programming in ruby. We are doing sound creation/editing at the moment and will be doing scratch/gamemaker in summer term.

    Have a look at teach-ict.com for ideas.
  3. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I guess we really need to know if you have a particular topic, application software or concept in mind. And what they have done before to avoid repetition .......
  4. We have done:

    OCR Nationals(new) AO1 and AO4, Spreadsheet skill (AO5)and Database skills(AO6). The plan was to do Web literacy, Email skills (AO2), they will just enjoy the time on emailing each other.

    We have not done that much on the Creative side of things -Was planning to do some Video Editing linked with Image/Photo Editing.

    In Year 8 they did Gamemaker and Scratch.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Hi

    Any more ideas will be great!
  6. Perhaps you should look at AO4 of OCR and look at publishing and graphics design.
  7. Sorry, just seen you mentioned ao4.
  8. We have found that a good way to approach the Sumer term is to look at an idea and then get students to work in small teams to achieve a solution. The tasks are open-ended, each person in the team has a role, you can include both creative and technical elements suitable for the members.
    Ideas that have worked include -
    Newsroom simulations
    One story written by each team member, 3/4 presentation methods; 1 person takes on print, one house-styling/images, one web page and the other the podcast. Tasks can be adapted easily on ability etyc., templates pre-prepared to start weaker students off.
    School Image
    Teams are responsible for looking at the school from a different angle to re-invigorate a staid image! Tasks innclude - assessing other school's images - a 'new' version of the school logo static and dynamic, redesign of some school litreature (advice booklet for Year 6 students for transition day),propsals for school website design, advert for the school (medium determined by resources and group) etc. (have also used the idea for promoting a charity)
    Presentation for assembly
    Paired or individual task where students have to put together a slide-show set to music that allows refelction on a suitable assembly topic - best ones to be used in the following year (fit to school themes). Some students have used software such as Flash to create a morphing sequence.The more techincal studentshave linked this to their music and edited the sound clips and/or played the music for themselves.
    Olympics Theme
    Ready-made theme for this year - we will be looking at a business related topic that uses Web 2.0 technology to promote the local area!

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