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Teaching ICT in reception and year 1

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hippyhappy, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am a supply teacher who has long term work at a school, doing PPA cover work in foundation and year one. The school has netbooks and occasionally I can book iPads for the classes. Problem is that I am completely out of the loop as far as ICT is concerned. I've looked at the QCA sow but it feels so dated - are people even using it any more? I will be talking to the ICT coordinator next week to see what they want me to do but are there any exciting schemes of work out there that I could perhaps take to her and say, look I think this is more relevant/creative for the children since the vast majority of them are very computer literate anyway?
  2. Hi
    You will get a number of different opinions about teaching ICT to Reception/Year 1; my own is that if you 'teach' it at all, you would be focusing on the obvious basics. How to use a keyboard, mouse, and what happens when I launch this program twenty times in quick succession [​IMG]
    At my school (EY+KS1), we don't use a SOW as such, we've made our own list of the things these children need to know before they move on to KS2; and that changes year on year!
    Possibly speak with the Year 2 teachers and ask them what they need to be able to do with ICT when they arrive in Year 2.
    Failing that, here is a link to the Herefordshire (Grid for Learning), who have such a SOW that you might glean some info from; but it needs to be tailored to your children's/schools needs.
    Kind Regard
  3. Just recommended this to another poster but rising stars switched on to ict is very good http://www.risingstars-uk.com/series/switched-on-ict/?offset=all we are actually doing something similar to previous poster and focusing on key skills needed for that year but as ict coordinator I have ensured progression throughout these skills and children developing autonomy etc. In reception we use beebots, dig cameras, laptops - purplemash and paint programs mainly, iwb for content creation and remote control toys.
  4. Thank you for your help. I will def talk to year 2 teachers as well as the coordinator.

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