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Teaching ICT/Computing in Australia - Advice needed

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ictLad, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. ictLad

    ictLad New commenter


    I am thinking of moving o Australia to teach for a few years, my subject specialism is computing/ict. I personally think I am experienced enough to be a strong teacher in their system and would like to work there for say two years. However I am really struggling to find a) good websites which encompass all of the teaching jobs in oz (I'm hoping for a central location like the tes) and b) if ICT/Computing jobs are that common - Google has thrown up the odd page of note but without a really central website for me to visit I'm feel that I'm not getting a solid picture.

    If anyone can give me any pointers I'd be very grateful
  2. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    I don?t think there is any central jobs site. Education is a state responsibility. So you would have to go to each state?s education department site to find jobs in that state. They will have different names too; for example, Victoria?s is the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and appointments in this state are by each school. You will need registration as Australia insists on both public and private schools having properly qualified teachers (with a few exceptions, such as instrumental music teachers and Teach for Australia pretend teachers); again, each state has its own body, Victoria?s being the Victorian Institute of Teaching. Visas are another matter, about which I cannot advise, but you should find some assistance from the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Google should find the relevant websites.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Chris is correct. You can try the normal job sites for independant schools seek.com.au and mycareer.com.au but everything else is done by the state.
    How are you hoping to get your visa? I've been applying for jobs but I'm not having much luck at all on a working holiday visa despite our permenant visa being in the process of going through x
  4. With regards to your visa you'll find you can either go for 1 year on a WHV (which can be extended if you have done 88 days rural/eligble type work for another year, to a max. of 2 years in effect), but can only work for any one employer for a max of 6 months total, or perm. visa (175/176) - a temp. visa would be an employer sponsored one and you probably would struggle to find that as there isn't really the shortage of teachers that would give sponsorship (although, obviously never say never). Personally not a huge fan of the temp. employer sponsored as there are several drawbacks and imho your employer has way too much hold over you, but I'm a cyncial sod, so have a look into it.
    Have a look on the DIAC website at the visa wizard, but don't think there is something that will give you exactly what you are looking for -the 175/6 visa is probably your best bet, and depending on your age isn't very hard to get for a teacher, but is fairly expensive. If you haven't got a 4 year degree or a 3 year (or more) and a PGCE though, forget it, you won't be qualified in the eyes of Oz and therefore won't be eligble for anything other than the WHV, which as post 4 is finding isn't always the easiest to find work on (mainly due to the WHV rep. and the 6 months rule).
    TES do have a couple of jobs in them for Oz for private/catholic schools from time to time, but as its' their summer hols right now until nearly the end of Jan obviously its a quiet time - term 1 probably won't be too high in jobs, but after that there may be more in the TES.Individual private schools advertise their jobs on their own websites, you can get a list of schools on the acara website to go to them all individually.
    As mentioned, each state is very independant so boiling down where you want to go is importantish as well, as the requirements are different in different states for various things (eg what qualifications you have and therefore what subject you are actually allowed to teach and so on), so have a look at each state's teaching registration board or similar. You need the AISTL to assess your qualifications for your visa, (unless a WHV) but that won't go towards actually working as it were, just gaining the visa, but its another step in th cogs.
    HTH, good luck and enjoy :)

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