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Teaching ICT abroad

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kal-mc, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. kal-mc

    kal-mc New commenter

  2. Hi
    I've been teaching IT abraod for several years. Send me a message (email through TES) with your specific questions and I'll try to answer.
  3. Have you looked on the British Council website, they do a really good teacher exchange programme, where you go to America for a year and swap with a teacher there so you would still have a job to return to (if the school/LEA agree to you going). Have a look into it.
  4. Hi Cal-Mc,

    Just wondering how you went with your goal to work in the US.
    I have a similar plan and are graduating in Perth at UWA in ICT this year.
    Thanks mate,

  5. Hi there, I have just been looking through the TES to help me find some information about teaching in the USA, possibly California... Or somewhere else that is English speaking.. You had mentioned to someone else that you had some information that you could advise about teaching ICT abroad. I am in my 3rd year of teaching ICT and I am currently 2nd in Department. There is so much information out there, but I am just not sure what is right or wrong..
    Any help would be fantastic!!!
    Adam [​IMG]
  6. hey where in the middle east do you teach? I'm thinking of coming there too. How does IGCSE work.

    any resources? my email msshas08@googlemail.com

    all help will be greatly appreciated

  7. " How does IGCSE work.

    any resources?"
    Are you sure you are cut out for working abroad?
  8. I can't speak for Penny10p, but I'm no longer based in the ME (this thread was started over 2 years ago). I'm now teaching ICT/Computer Science in eastern Europe. FWIW, I taught in Kuwait. However, now is not the best time to be looking for a job there. Usually vacancies are advertised in January, with interviews in February for the coming September.

    If you do see a vacancy advertised during the summer and wonder if the school is worth considering, feel free to PM me here.

    There are two exam boards, CIE and Edexcel. CIE offer IGCSE ICT and IGCSE Computer Studies. Edexcel offer IGCSE ICT. Both ICT courses include a practical examination as well as a theory paper. There are subtle differences between the two courses. Both boards supply some support material.

    We've discussed a few relevant issues in this thread - just bumped it for you...
  9. Hi I've been thinking about teaching ICT in the Middle East. I would just like some feedback about how it is like.
  10. Hi, I teach in dubai it is fantastic in comparison to teaching in the UK. I can give you plenty of feedback if you still require it as i know this post is from a while ago maybe you are already teaching abroad. Give me a shout if you still need help though.
  11. Kuwaiti schools are pants. Apart from the place being as boring as hell and the disgusting way that workers from Asia are treated, the arab pupils are the laziest slobs in the world, want you to spoon feed them, cheating in exams and corruption of teachers is a national pastime and you don't earn or save anything like what you think you might.
  12. Hiya
    I am an ICT teacher and considering teaching abroad. I was just wandering how you found the position? It seems difficult to find ICT roles?

    Thank you

    Craig: cbottuk@hotmail.co.uk

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