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Teaching Hours - What do I do if my school wants me to teach more than my allocated number of hours?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by karlz, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. karlz

    karlz New commenter

    I have recently gained a job in a secondary school which I am very happy about!
    However due to staff shortages senior management have talked about having to increases my number of teaching hours past 40 per fortnight, which is what was the target no of hours as an NQT. It was said that perhaps to make up for it that perhaps I could have a paid day off.
    Im confused, is this allowed? As a new fish in the pond I dont want to make waves by refusing to if it is allowed. I am just concerned that the day(s) off to make up for the hours will never materialise. Plus I am unsure if I could cope with potentially having almost a full time table straight away (Although maybe I should man up and just get on with it?). Furthermore how would I work out how many hours (or days) I am entitled off anyway?
    If anyone could give some advice on this and the teaching hours, PPA etc that goes along with being an NQT I would be really grateful.

  2. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter


    One thing i learnt very quickly is not too be too much of a 'yes' person as you will find a lot is dumped on your doorstep. Being seen to be keen is fantastic, however doing too much and stretching yourself to the point where you have to much to do will not make you an effective teacher. Your number one priority is the subject you teach. If SLT have asked you to do this, ask for a little more time to consider it. It's not seen as a negative thing as long as you have a valid reason for doing so. Saying no sometimes is a good thing as you are seen as a doormat.

    I have just finished my NQT year and have been told I will teach French as well as my main subject. I also have other responsibilities and my timetable is equivalent to around 42 hours a fortnight. Your NQT year will be tough, don't take too much on.
  3. Well done on the job!
    I would also suggest enquiring with the LA contact for NQTs....you should be able to find it on a LA website. My understanding is that NQT time can be given in blocks (but I am no expert!), but you are right to be wary of that time not appearing (also consider if you have 'time off' who sets cover for your classes - it always takes me longer than I expect!).
    I would echo what others have said - it is a hard year and don't put yourself in a position where you make it even harder.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    How many hours are they proposing to have you teaching per fortnight?
    There are 25 teaching hours per week and 10 % off that for PPA leaves 22.5 (45 per fortnight). An NQT is entitled to another 10% reduction , meaning a maximum NQT contact load of 20.25 per week (40.5 per fortnight).
    NQT time doesn't have to be given on a weekly basis, so they could have you working longer in most weeks and then give you NQT time in day-long blocks.
    Compare their proposed teaching load with the average maximum of 20.25 (weekly) /40.5 (fortnightly) and work out how many free days they'd need to allocate every so many weeks.
    If you have no option but to accept this scenario, I'd wait until you meet your classes before selecting which day of the week you'd like free every so often (clue: pick your most challenging day, which may be one with 5 hours of lessons or one with your nightmare class!)
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you're Secondary and the other non-NQT teachers have free periods in addition to their PPA time, you should also get general free periods. You look at their contact time and deduct 10% to arrive at the maximum contact time that you should have.
    You can also multiply the max hours you should be teaching per week by the 39 school weeks and then keep a tally through the year to ensure that you don't exceed it but don't nit-pick over an hour or two over expectations.
  6. The reeductions for PPA anbd NQT timne are legal requirements and schools cannot timetable you to work in that time. That said, there is nothing to stop the school delivering the NQT time in vblocks rather than as regular weekly slots - so they could ask you to work beyond the 'normal' time, but they would most certainly HAVE to provide the time in block release during normal teaching time e.g. they could not schedule it during INSET days). My advice would be to get a clear schedule of exactly when this NQT time would be provided - I am aware of people in the past who agree this and then down the line excuses come that say - would love to but...) That is NOT acceptable. The reason for NQT time is to concentrate on meeting the standards so it would not be a 'day off with pay' anyway - you are still working but working on meeting the standards e.g. visiting another school, attending training etc.

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