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Teaching hours for Assistant Head

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by RemusLupin13, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. RemusLupin13

    RemusLupin13 New commenter

    Hi all,

    Just a post out of mere curiosity, and to gauge where I am in relation to other people with a position as an Assistant Head. Not necessarily trying to proclaim a 'poor me' about this at all; just wanting to know a couple of things...

    • What kind of classroom teaching hours do you have as an Assistant Head of Secondary?
    • Do you think there should be/is a generally accepted 'maximum' teaching hours for an Assistant Head that should it be exceeded can impact on the role?
    To give the briefest of contexts, I am an Assistant Head of Secondary at a relatively small (2 forms of maximum 24 students per-year group) International School in Asia who was appointed very late in the previous academic year, giving little to no time for significant timetable changes and staff shuffling around before the end of the summer term. I am officially responsible for 'Student Welfare', but as you all know, being in this kind of role brings with it a huge number of other responsibilities too. I am largely overseeing Key Stages 3 and 4 as their pastoral leader. Alongside the standard TLR-style things to do, it is a pretty big job in as much as day-to-day issues to deal with etc.

    I am teaching 17 hours of iGCSE English and CIE English Language A-Level per-week to Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 classes, which is slightly below what an average classroom teacher will have (average here is about 22 hours p/w of contact time). I am aware that Term 3 will mean significantly decreased teaching hours of course - but right now that seems quite a way off!)

    (I am managing my time, but it is a bit of a stretch!)

    I look forward to reading your thoughts, and many thanks for taking the time to read!
  2. pi r squared

    pi r squared Occasional commenter

    17 hours out of how many?

    Assistant Heads at our school are on a roughly 40% teaching timetable, but are also directed to four periods of on-call per week, one dedicated 'late' day, and lunchtime supervision for the whole of lunch - so 'directed' periods amount to about 21 per week. Obviously an on-call is different from teaching a lesson but if the reason you are (relatively) overloaded is because of not being able to shuffle timetable around, I would anticipate that other LT colleagues have things on their timetable that you do not?
  3. install

    install Star commenter

    Wow. I think.your allocation is very very generous given such a small cohort. You have 17hrs, classroom teachers are on 22hrs.

    Even so, what are hods on and other Assistant Hds in your school?.What are your deputies on? :cool:
  4. RemusLupin13

    RemusLupin13 New commenter

    Thanks both for your replies. Just to clarify, the 17 hours are teaching hours with classes - all 1 year 11 class and two sixth form classes - Y12 and Y13. I have a further 3 or 4 hours per week of weekly scheduled meetings - Secondary SLT and Whole School SLT during the regular school day, meaning I then have the rest of my time dedicated towards all the other stuff I need to do - parent meetings, stuff that just pops up, CP stuff etc. Again, I'm not complaining at all - I'm just curious about others!

    The other Assistant Head of Secondary is on 6 teaching hours per-week, but they are also the school exams officer and Head of Sixth Form. The Head of Secondary is on zero teaching hours, which is normal I would assume.

    We do not have Deputy Heads. We have a whole school Principal, then a Head of Primary with one Assistant Head, and a Head of Secondary with two Assistant Heads.
  5. davidmu

    davidmu Occasional commenter

    The teaching requirement will vary very much from school to school. I did 29 out of 35 periods a week and was the Examinations Officer in a very large senior comprehensive school with a year intake of 360 pupils and a sixth form of over 200. It was very demanding. The school now has a full time Examinations Officer and a part time one who are not teachers.
  6. mustafagezen

    mustafagezen New commenter

    This is absolutely too much for an assistant head. i would say a maximum of 12 hours per week would be a normal load.
  7. MrGator

    MrGator New commenter


    I think you're all way above what should be considered appropriate for an Assistant Headteacher. I teach 6/30 lessons a week. Our lessons are 45 mins so equates to 4.5 hours a week contact time.
  8. MrGator

    MrGator New commenter


    I think you're all way above what should be considered appropriate for an Assistant Headteacher. I teach 6/30 lessons a week. Our lessons are 45 mins so equates to 4.5 hours a week contact time.

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