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Teaching home alone kids

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by IsabellaPeach, May 17, 2012.

  1. Do some private tutoring for a company - presently teaching the young children (8 and 11) of an employee. Lately, parents have taken to disappearing during the class - I mean leaving the house. Kids are foreign and unused to the area. They generally don't come back before I have to leave.

    I'm not happy about this. I feel I should stay until they come back and I do as long as possible but I have other jobs and a family.

    I wonder if I should mention it to the company's HR division which employs me - the parents are oblivious.

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. numberwhizz

    numberwhizz New commenter

    I would not have this under any circumstances! They are way below 16, the legal age (I believe) they can be left alone. Not sure where you would stand legally if you were to leave before the parents return and the children had an accident, or there was a fire or something?! You would probably be liable in some way, which could lead to you being sued or ending up in prison!

    Furthermore, there is the risk of being accused of something whilst the parents are not present.

    You are a tutor, not a babysitter. I suggest you sort this out before tutoring again.

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