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Teaching German as IB subject / at A-Level

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by smjfh, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. I am looking for people with experience in A-Level and IB (B) German teaching. What are the main differences and how easy is it to jump from one system into the other? Thanks for your help!
  2. Allison64

    Allison64 New commenter

    I'm currently teaching A level and higher IB German. There is some overlap in the topics (media and environment for example) but there are huge differences in the syllabus and the way of delivering the course. For example, there is no listening exam for IB - that is done through the interactive oral.
    I find the IB much more challenging than the A level and the higher paper more or less impossible for all but native speakers! This has been confirmed by a native Spanish colleague of mine teaching higher Spanish. There are some really obscure texts, often literary texts from previous centuries containing antiquated language.
    I only have one student for higher IB this year. She's not a native speaker but is really hard working and motivated so should be an ideal candidate. However, despite the number of hours she puts into vocab and grammar learning, extra German activities etc etc, she still finds the papers very difficult. She did the CA based GCSE and so was inevitably not prepared for the massive leap to IB.
    Fortunately, 50% of the IB consists of the speaking exams and a written assignment done in the final year of the course.
    Last year, I had a native speaker for IB German. She sometimes struggled with the papers - not because she didn't understand the German but because some of the questions are quite confusing.
    IB is being strongly promoted in my school and from next year, we'll no longer be offering MFL A level. I'm hoping that with the new curriculum, students will be better prepared for the IB.
    I use the text book Deutsch I'm Einsatz. I also use the Goethe Institute resources and they are excellent for the topics of kulturelle Vielfalt and Feste und Traditionen.

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