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Teaching GCSE Religious Studies Philosophy and Ethics - which board?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by lam, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. lam


    I teach at a FE college and for the first time we will be running GCSE Religious Studies. I want to study philosophy and ethics as that is what we teach at 'A' level (we do EDEXCEL board) so there is good progression.
    The other thing is that students will be resitting GCSEs, so they will all be 16 years + and there because GCSEs did not go well the first time. So it needs to be quite straightforward in the skills and the marking.
    Any recommendations for a good course...?
  2. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    OCR has complex evaluation questions that are good for A-Level progression, however I wouldn't recommend this if students have already found GCSEs difficult. Probably AQA (Specification B) or Edexcel.
  3. lam



    we ended up going with OCR in the end because it allowed us to do january exams, so if students leave after January they will still get a shortcourse GCSE.

    We also like the philosophy and ethics (B) as it tied in nicely with the AS.

    I am worried about OCR though. I have heard their marking can be dodgy. Fingers crossed though.

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