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Teaching GCSE geography in a year

Discussion in 'Geography' started by balletomane, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. balletomane

    balletomane New commenter

    I'm teaching GCSE geography for the first time. I've got an exceptionally keen Year 11 student who wants to pick up geography this year. I teach her for three hours a week. For context, it's a special school with all lessons delivered 1:1, in pairs, or very small groups. I don't want to overwhelm her, and I'm not sure it's achievable to cram two years of classes into one year like this, but I don't want to dampen her enthusiasm either. Has anyone had experience of teaching it in a year and what would you recommend?
  2. Geoteach0027

    Geoteach0027 New commenter

    Go for it. If you are running tight on time teach part of papers or miss a paper, if they are keen there is no reason the couldn't achieve a pass grade

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