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Teaching G&T maths to primary children

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by emfrancis, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hello, I have been asked to do some one of sessions with the G&T maths pupils at my primary, possibly opening it up to other local schools to.
    Has anyone done anything similar? If so what did you do?
    I want to make these sessions exciting and different enough from the maths they do in class but I'm a bit worried about simply teaching KS3 maths.
    Any advice greatfully recieved.
  2. fredamargaret

    fredamargaret New commenter

    I have done this in several of our local primary schools.
    Basic algebra always goes down well with years 5 and 6. We do writing expressions, collecting like terms, substitution and solving linear equations.
    I use lots of games and puzzles.
    I've also done a series of lessons on magic squares. There's lots of ideas and information on the internet.
    Squares are another topic that brings in number, algabra and shape. I start by doing a google search then decide which ideas to use.
    In our primary maths club we have also done a series of 10 sessions on triangles and another 10 on pentominoes.

  3. Exciting or engaging?
    What do you want from the sessions?
    If these are aux lessons on top of a staple diet of good number work then you may look at nrich activities or some of the stuff on CIMT plymouth MEP.
    Some are great although ensure adequate content is learned in 'normal' maths lessons.

  4. I have done similar before, but have found it very important to be clear with Maths Co-ordinator and/or Head what they want from it. Sometimes I have been asked to consolidate L5 topics and extend to L6, in which case I've done practical problem-solving type activities but with unremarkable content (FDP, pie charts, area). Other schools have wanted more an igniting of enthusiasm for the subect and something a little different, in which case Pascal's triangle, or Mobius bands, or fractals always seem to be a favourite. HTH[​IMG]

  5. What about the algebra behind magic squares, or the think of a number, double it tricks, followed by the steps in algebra.
  6. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    Hi Phil,
    Just a quick thought: there are people who have found in the past that if they post their email address on a forum then spammers get hold of it and they receive lots of intriguing emails. It would be a shame if this happened to you. You might want to send a Personal Message with your email address in it, or could set up a hotmail account purely for this purpose rather than using your school email account.
    If you contact TES they can edit your post for you.
    Oh - and it's great to have such positive support for other posters.
  7. hi - how long will the sessions be - are they weekly/termly during school time or an extra like sara's - what age groups and will the age groups be mixed
    i take up to a dozen children from each year group (we are a 3 form entry junior school) for an extension maths lesson once a week (one year group at a time, that is). i don't deliberately stray into ks3 territory apart from algebra (cos it's fun and good to get to grips with asap) and geometric construction (ditto) but things like pythagoras and imaginary numbers do pop up in my syllabus, as well as things like factorizing and powers that you need for number puzzles - that can't be helped - otherwise i like to do maths and history, the weird and wonderful, number puzzles etc
    i also do 2 'in house' mornings a term, one for y3/4 one for y5/6 - i wouldn't myself like to mix year groups any further - they're not always maths, but 'maths and art' is a major theme as we have a number of kids ranked gat at art - sara's fractals, fibbonacci, geom con
    pm me you email address and i'll send you my 'syllabus' ie my filing box lists!! sorry to be so tardy

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