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Teaching English in different subjects

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by oharashaun, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. oharashaun

    oharashaun New commenter

    I work in Spain. I am English, but work in the public sector.In order to improve the level of English in the public sector, Spanish English teachers are being oblidged to start teaching in other areas; science, art, p.e.(natuurales, plactica, educacion fisica.)
    Only teachers who have B1 or b2 can teach in another area outside of their speciality. The political idea is to have between 30 and 50% of the curriculum taught in English. Teachers involved in this pilot scheme need c1.
    I can only see problems. ;
    While asking for a high level of competence in English, the same level of competence is not asked for the teachers knowledge of science. The science on offer, from what I have seen in the published material, has been dumbed down.
    The students do not have the communicative competence to understand the core content of science etc in a second language.
    Spain in the last PISA table I looked at was 26 out of 33. This new development will not improve the science score, it MIGHT improve the English score. https://www.oecd.org/pisa/keyfindings/PISA-2012-results-spain.pdf
    I would be interested to hear other peoples' opinions about trying to teach English in other subjects, in non-bilingual schools
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