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Teaching crisis: what things need to change to transform the profession?

Discussion in 'Education news' started by TES_Rosaline, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. bertiehamster

    bertiehamster New commenter

    Too much needs to be done to make the job sensible. The first place to start is contact time-a maximum number of hours per week, with no exemptions or exceptions. No cover, all cover to be completed by properly employed supply teachers, no agency rake-off allowed. A recognition that the job is demanding which needs to result in a reduction in pension age to 55, with the final salary pension measured in 60ths (i.e. a "normal" career length of 30 years). Directed time of 1265 hours over 195 days to be established as total working time with no expectation of work at home-no teacher takes their ironing into the classroom, so the reverse should be true. Salaries should enable teachers to be able to afford to buy a house and fund a good quality of life without becoming stupidly indebted, even in ridiculously expensive places like London. Any government that really wants education as a priority needs to make the job so attractive that people are scrambling to get in and not scrambling to get out. Unfortunately this won't happen because it isn't affordable.
  2. jlmorgan100

    jlmorgan100 New commenter

    I feel the biggest issue that needs addressing is the "work such reasonable additional hours as may be needed to enable him to dischage effectively his professional duties" caveat. This puts teachers in a difficult position and leaves them at the will of unscrupulous management. Something or someone needs to address either what is "work that is necessary' or management should be made to prove that these extra tasks, are able to be completed in a reasonable amount of time.
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  3. bertiehamster

    bertiehamster New commenter

    "Reasonable" is a difficult legal word. My definition is "whatever doesn't get in the way of the stuff I really value" and in practice means about 10 minutes outside the school day. However a head (on a massive salary) will inevitably think I'm a lazy selfish little a***wipe despite the pay differential. There needs to be a clear time limit, but it won't happen because of the people who treat the job as if it were some kind of mission instead of a means to pay off the mortgage. It is a job, it should be done as well as possible, but it is NOT NOT NOT NOT a life-that privilege belongs to one's family. Work is what you do to pay for the important stuff. Teaching has lost sight of this, and the recruitment disaster is the result, but the powers that be are too concerned with making sure their pensions are safe to really give a stuff. Many people have been saying this for years, but nobody ever listens.
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  4. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    And now we have to keep an wyebon at risk kids in danger of succumbing to Knife Crime Public Health Hazard! Clearly a robot will do a far better 28 hour a day job than a human...
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