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Teaching credentials in California

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by paramsingh, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. paramsingh

    paramsingh New commenter

    Hi All, This is my first thread on TES. Hope it is in right location of the TES website. I am an Australian Maths and Physics teacher trying to get registered in California USA but they department of credentials wont issue me credentials just because i dont have SSN or ITIN. Has anyone been able to secure credentials while they are in their home countries?
  2. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    It is very strict here. You need to show you are legal to work and you have ss number. You usually have to come here and get a ss , do the c best exams and submit your academic qualifications to a middle nan for assessment. Have you gone through those steps?
  3. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    But both subjects are in demand and there is a teacher shortage right now so as long as you have a work visa or citizenship you should find a job easily.

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