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Teaching credentials in California

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by paramsingh, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. paramsingh

    paramsingh New commenter

    Hi All, This is my first thread on TES. Hope it is in right location of the TES website. I am an Australian Maths and Physics teacher trying to get registered in California USA but they department of credentials wont issue me credentials just because i dont have SSN or ITIN. Has anyone been able to secure credentials while they are in their home countries?
  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Hi, you might want to repost in Teaching Overseas, but....

    In relation to the SSN, you could contact the American Embassy (Canberra? If you are still based in OZ) as they could answer that specific question/procedure. [I am an ex-pat American living over in the UK, when my son was born, we registered his birth at the American Embassy and his SSN was issued to him by the State Department via the Embassy, but this may have been because he is a dual (Irish and American) citizen]. You could try. [I have no idea what an ITIN is, sorry]

    In relation to registration to California, there may be somebody on the teaching overseas thread that could help, but ultimately, you will probably need to contact the state educational licensing board for answers to that query.

    Good luck (hope you are aware that getting a visa or having a school sponsor a non-national is very difficult, although Maths and Physics might be a shortage subject - you could try private schools as well)
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