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Teaching couple - application dilemma

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by ibecky123, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. ibecky123

    ibecky123 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    My partner and I could do with a little advice. We would like to move overseas August 2018 to teach in an international school in Singapore (I know, a long shot) Hong Kong (another long shot) Malaysia (KL or Penang), Vietnam or possibly China (Shenzhen/Shanghai) but are coming across a few barriers - any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    1. I am in my fourth with 2 as Head of Year, my partner in her second but the first of which she took the salaried PGCE School Direct route (so currently in NQT year) - would there be visa issues with her qualification only being awarded in 2017? Or would a school be flexible if they prefer teaching couples/ count her salaried training year as full-time teaching? She has 4 years extensive pastoral and extra-curricular experience
    2. There are threads on homophobia in countries/schools, but are there similar problems with stating this in the application process (or at job fairs)? Would avoid Christian schools anyway
    3. She teaches both PE and History - is this an advantage, or problematic in terms of schools simply filling set roles? Not a common combination
    4. Would it be easier for us to seek a 1-year contract in the first instance - do these exist outside of the Middle East?
  2. amysdad

    amysdad Occasional commenter

    Bizarrely, the head of my last school taught PE and History too, and I know a History teacher who was in the process of adding PE to his qualifications, so maybe not as unusual as you think!

    With regards to the visa qualifications, it depends on the country. When I moved to Egypt, they needed 3 years teaching to get the visa but were OK with me being in my 3rd year as by the time I got there and applied for the visa, I would have it. China, though, can be a bit more difficult and might require it before you get there - it might come down to how much influence the school has with the right people. If you've registered with one of the agencies, you might want to discuss this with your consultant - if they don't know, a good one will find out because there's no point in them putting you out there for work if you then can't get the job.

    1 year contracts are unlikely, though a school might offer it to you. If it's uncertainty about the location, then you could see if you could get a career break from your current employer for a year which at least would give you something to come back to in the UK.

    I wouldn't mention anything about homophobia in your application. The countries you mention are less problematic than the Middle East but you never know a person's own position. Remember, though, that some schools might still not recognize you as a teaching couple - less of a problem with the UK "brand" schools but more local ones might not accept it.
  3. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    The are issues with school direct qualifications in some countries not recognising it for QTS and work visa. You will have to check country by country for visa requirements.

    I am sorry to say the more conservative a country the more restrictions on same sex partners.

    Your best bet is to apply for separate jobs in the same city and then appartment share.
  4. ibecky123

    ibecky123 New commenter

    Ok will take all comments on board, thank you for the helpful information!
  5. charb74

    charb74 New commenter

    Are you saying that they prefer PGCE over School Direct?

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