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Teaching computing at oily school in Qatar soon - cycle clubs question

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sirspamalotless, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. sirspamalotless

    sirspamalotless Occasional commenter

    I will be flying out to start a contract at a rather oily school in Doha next month. All the paperwork is done, spoken a few times to the Head and HR on Skype and my apartment awaits - I'm even going a few weeks early by choice to get settled in after I get back from my hols in France (actually, mainly because of cycling)!!

    My question is cycle clubs! I'm a big fan of cycling, both mountain and road but will probably just take my road bike out and build a mountain bike there. Anyone there know of a couple of active cycle clubs, regular meets etc? I've worked before in the middle east so know all about the heat etc, but wondered about the cycling scene specifically in Doha, or whether I'll be setting up the first club there!
  2. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    Congrats firstly

    I personally don’t know but ask on this fb group
  3. wanderman22

    wanderman22 New commenter

    Do you mind if I ask how much your contract is for? I'm trying to get a sense of where the market is at these days.
  4. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    There is a group of serious riders. They tend to go very early on weekend mornings to beat the heat and traffic.
  5. sirspamalotless

    sirspamalotless Occasional commenter

    Cheers. I've found a few bike clubs this afternoon and even spoken to someone there on Skype, who wants me to bring a few bike parts out!!!!

    Got the job fairly last minute as I'm currently in China and didn't know if I wanted to renew my contract because they were dragging everything out (I told them no in the end) - I know the excellent Head from times past, count him as a friend and got on brilliantly, sent a speculative email a month ago, and was levered in I think as a known quantity with the right experience. I think they had filled up all their positions but my mate the Head came through good, after a promise of a couple of bottles of Johnny Walker :). (Many jobs in the middle east are about who you know, who likes you, rather than going through agencies). The salary is excellent as are all the benefits, about what I'd expect for a petro company school - better than most, not as good as a few, but the extra benefits and working under a nice Head in a nice school is what makes it for me. Looking forward to Doha. I've been there before but many years ago on a sixth month contract when a teacher got seriously ill and had to go home. It's probably all changed now.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  6. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    They are very active and most have a support vehicle tailing them. As you know, the keener ones do start at 4am particularly during the summer.

    Facebook: look for Qatar Cyclist. You can also ride at the Lusail Circuit and you are sure to meet others who will lead you to other cycling groups search this page https://www.circuitlosail.com/events/training-days/

    A few things to keep in mind. Given that you are a cyclist, definitely bring your own bike/s. You can build your own mountain bike but the used bikes here are being sold for QR1500-2000+ and they are the 2nd tier brands. Unfortunately, when people sell used and second hand goods in Qatar that is 3+ years old, it is sold for prices you can buy new ones in the UK. Lastly, the sand will get to you so bring a few (good quality) masks and sunglasses (day and clear night ones). Your flight baggage permitting, your preferred electrolytes. It is sold in QA but with the sin tax, it is expensive if you need it every ride.

    Enjoy and congratulations with your contract!
  7. sirspamalotless

    sirspamalotless Occasional commenter

    Cheers. I'll take at least one bike on the plane but am looking at options for the other one (s) and tools. I plan to be there a couple of years at least so want to take my toys. The Head is being really helpful with baggage and shipping - this may cost me more in Johnny Walker than DHL would charge!

    Anyone else off to Doha, feel free to get in touch, especially if you are a cyclist. No questions about salary, benefits etc though, please as I find these a bit tedious and often dubious if I'm honest! There are lots of posts chatting about what is and isn't a good package so use the Search facility at the top of the web page and search this forum, and you can always join the ISR website for tales of the fortunes people are earning. Needless to say, I get the usual and expected benefits and a salary I'm delighted with, or I wouldn't be going.
  8. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Can you book extra baggage for your flight to fit your bikes and tools into.
  9. sirspamalotless

    sirspamalotless Occasional commenter

    Yes indeed. Have done exactly that now for two bikes and tools. The airline was very helpful and not as expensive as I thought, (although the boss is paying :) ). Good bikes are certainly pricey over there as I’ve had time to look into it now so I’m looking as well at getting a small crate of bikes and parts shipped over as a hobby sideline to keep me busy. Really looking forward to discovering the Qatar area by bike, oh and the new job of course :).

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