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Teaching children with ADHD

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by madwoman, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. This whole topic about NOT labelling drives me beyond spare!

    EVERYONE labels, ALL THE TIME ('that smelly woman', 'that naughty boy', 'that tall man', 'that clever woman', etc etc).

    The ONLY labelling that is wrong, is the negative type. Labelling can be very helpful to describe a person when there are a whole list of symptoms that can be 'summed up' with a label so purely to point people in the right direction. We all know (I hope) that even within every label, there are different personalities / types that make up that label.

    When you come across soembody with Asthma (for example) do you say on a form / to a person, "Yes my son has a breathing difficulty - he gets breatless after too much exersion / when he comes into contact with pets / dust / exhaust fumes and when he..." etc. or do you say "Asthma" ?? Also, in some cases the INCORRECT label, could be dangerous....have you thought of that? Think of many number of medical conditions - some of which require medication....

    I have done a great deal of work in the field of SEN and I have to say that my estimate (and it is only that), is that 90% of people against labelling are professionals and most sufferes / parents prefer to have the label that will give them a STARTING point from which to build or move on from.

    Additonally, as a parent of a child with a label - I knew that there was 'something wrong' for 4 years before the professionals diagnosed him. I thought I was going out of my mind - it caused all sorts of relationship problems and nearly caused me to have a breakdown. It was such a relief when he finally received a diagnosis (Aspergers) that I felt that I could at least begin to read and research more about the condition and so begin to understand. The teachers were able to go on specific training and we ALL were able to read and research whatever we could to give us a basic UNDERSTANDING and so suitable treatment / management etc. The 'labels' he had before he was diagnosed were awful - most of them from teaching staff (incidentally, I myself am a teacher).

    So please, do not say you are against laeblling unless, like many thousands of people that search for answers, you have tried going without the RIGHT label!

  2. Jazz - completely agree with your comments about labels - I don't like them as such, but if they help a child/their family/their teachers to live more happily they serve a purpose - but they need to be seen as just the most convenient tool available at the time (which might yet be improved on), rather than an absolute definitive statement. People are individuals inside the labels - for example, what works for one Aspie child won't necessarily work for another (very likely not in fact).
  3. You really mustn't challenge these people's religion ex ex. You'll find it makes them angry.

    Most of these conditions are ideologies promoted by people with vested interests. What is really sad is that unlike some other religious and quasi religious beliefs, their nonsense doesn't even hang together.
  4. Hiya Dapple! Long time no read! Where you been?
  5. Selling a book...eating grapes...
  6. Sounds like fun. I like grapes. Was it your own book or have you just flogged a random one?
  7. Yippee dapples back!!!!!!!

    Selling a book on how to be nice this time I hope dapple.

    Good to see you back nonetheless!
  8. I am never anything but nice. Unfortunately, challenging religious beliefs brings out the worst in others.

    Bet you read my books and never guess.
  9. You're not Enid Blyton are you? Give me a clue. Are they fiction or non fiction.
  10. If I'm Enid Blyton, you must be Doris Stokes.

    Trilogy of fiction.

    Currently working on fact based story of victim of Mental Health system.
  11. I do have my Doris moments.
    I'm glad it's a trilogy. I hate it when a good book ends. A trilogy gives a fair crack of the whip.
    Give me a clue.
  12. and I bet in your book you make them all better!!!!!

    OR is this a ploy for us to ask, 'Oh what is the title of your book dearest dapple' and then rush out to buy it to see what you have to say on the subject.
    Bumped up book sales and mission accomplished, I think not. Please go and peddle your nonsense somewhere else or do what we have all invited you to do before, Cure the ones you consider to be mad but first...
    Physician heal thyself!
  13. If you buy it, it will be because you want to and not because of anything I write here.

    The current work is based on the experiences of someone who died recently. I met her when she was first admitted to the system. She spend her entire life in it.

    I never made any claims to cure people. Behaviour isn't illness.
  14. Give me a clue on the trilogy dapple. I read loads of books and am always on the look out for new ones.
  15. Frankly dapple, I find your post insulting. ADHD is not my religion, in any way shape or form. My posting was about labelling - and if you look up in SEN forum you will see that it sparked a SENSIBLE debate.

    As for ADHD - I have researched it for 10 years and have worked with many parents of children with ADHD and worked with just as many without ADHD. Do you know / have you experienced anything personally of this, sometimes debilitating, disorder?

    Do not challenge me as a person - or my preferred pursuits, beliefs or 'religions' (actaually, I have no religion). You know nothing about me. Because you choose one path, one view, it does not mean you are right. You have the right to your view, just as I have the right to mine. At which point did anyone on this particular thread insult you, wave a all-knowing finger at you or put you down?

    Keep to the point, dont attack which you do not know, and who you do not know.
  16. This is a message in response to ex ex...
    I am tempted to just respond like for like, but I will not let myslef be dragged in to that narrow minded, ****-sure and bitter tone.

    YES THEY DID HAVE ADHD KIDS WHEN YOU WERE TEACHING / WERE AT SCHOOL. Just not in your school. Remember all those nasty institutions that we all fought so hard to get rid of? The ones where any kid that didnt fit in 'with the norm' was put? The ones where naughty boys and girls were locked away and nobody dared venture? The ones where kids with learning difficulties were put? The ones where kids with physical disabilites were put? Thats where they were. Think again, think of that 'odd kid' down the road and stop being so narrow minded....
  17. Here here well said!
  18. maj


    Dappple, were either a member of your family or yourself ever given ADHD as a diagnosis?

  20. ADHD is a religious idea. Because my family came from two religious background they abandoned it.

    Proving the existence of ADHD is like proving the existence of God.

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