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Teaching BS as a second subject

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by anon2047, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am an NQT and have been asked to teach BS as a second subject, I have never taught it before and am getting in a bit of a tizz as there are no resources.

    Does anyone have any resources/sow they would be willing to share?

    We do BTEC First and a level.

    Many thanks
  2. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    Are you the only BS teacher in the school, or are there others in the department who can share schemes of work, lesson activities, etc? Are you teaching the courses now, or planning for next year?
    There are various providers (e.g. tutor2u, APT, zig-zag) who are making BS resources - the tutor2u website has a lot of free resource, alongside a number ofexam-specific resources and CPD opportunities.
    Another excellent place to start accessing case-studies, video clips and wider reading to support your A-level is Twitter. There are a number of BS and Eco teachers who share links to relevant stories/websites/youtube clips - if you search for the #ecbusteach hash tag you will get lots of ideas, and you can always post and ask questions too (I've had some really good ideas for teaching sampling in market research, for example).
    There are quite a few resources on here too, and it might be worth having a search through the resource bank. If you need anything specific then shout out - I'm happy to share resources, but there's no way I can upload 12 years' worth of stuff on the off-chance that something's useful!
  3. Hi no there are others but I know there are no sow and sharing resources is not high on the agenda. It is for sept and I suppose I am just stressing because I didn't train in the subject and the thought of doing two subjects in my NQT year is a bit full on- especially if I have to start with lesson plans etc from scratch.
    Thanks for the links I will definitely check them out!

  4. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    So you're not even given guidance on the order in which to teach the main topics? Or how long each topic should roughly be taking? That's pretty poor, and I'd be asking your BS line manager for more support, and if they're unforthcoming then ask their line manager (easy for me to say, being an old lag; more tricky for an NQT I suspect!)
    As it happens, I was on the OCR website today looking for some controlled assessment marking guidance and noticed a scheme of work published by the exam board available for download. Other exam boards might have something similar if you have no luck with management support.
  5. If there are no resources and this is your second subject here are some shortcuts:
    BTEC in a BOx by Pearson - gives you the SOW and resources for BTECs. There should be one for BTEC First. If the school will not pay then ask the other local schools HOD for Business for help. Your local LA NQT contact might be worth having a chat with so get weight behind this.
    A Level Business - Which board? AQA and Edexcel provide SOW - they can be found under teacher resources in subject area on their website.
    With all due respect you need some sort of training to teach this. Seems rather unfair to plonked in the deep end with no support.
  6. learnloads

    learnloads New commenter

    You might find the Economics, business and enterprise association website www.ebea.org.uk useful. This includes various free resources - maybe you could get your school to pay membership fees in the circumstances? Also have a look at www.learnloads.com where there is comprehensive unit 1 AS Business text and activities - aimed at AQA but even if you are doing a different board it could be helpful.
    www.businessonline is great too, if nobody mentioned that earlier.
    I gather that there are issues about BTEC First - the new spec MAY have to be withdrawn and they are advising people to plan for old spec in Sept 2013, but you probably knew that.
    Good luck - its not too bad!
  7. Thanks very much for the replies and the links!
  8. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

    Hi I have a sow for AQA GCE and GCSE available at www.time2resources.co.uk just log in (free) to the members area, any problems finding them let me know Helen
  9. Thanks Helen!
  10. www.revisionstation.co.uk

    great site - they trawl the web for useful business study sites so you don't have to.
  11. Thanks very much!
  12. Here's a teacher-created site I found whilst teaching GCSE - some of the resources are of course too simple for AS level, but in some cases I use it as quick introductory or revision material:

  13. Thank you!

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