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Teaching Australia to KS1

Discussion in 'Geography' started by samfraser, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Half terms themed topic, anyone out there have some good ideas or resources?
  2. A study of the Murray is a good one. Can do a bit about rainfall, rivers, (this one is currently drying up like you'd not believe). History of area, Aboriginal folk, river use (transport, irrigation).
    Oz is huge Perth to Brizzy is Gibraltar to Moscow so the whole continent is a big (sorry about the pun) ask. I'm guessing KS1 is primary! (An Adelaide reader)
  3. porker

    porker New commenter

    I've just been doing Australia with my Y1/2 class - we started by looking at Where in the world is Barnaby Bear for his Australia visit (online). Enchanted learning have a lot of stuff too. I downloaded and adapted a powerpoint on Australia either from TES resources or from primary resources website (can't remember which). We looked at Australian wildlife and Aboriginal culture. Also looked at boomerangs and didgeridoos. Listened to digderidoo music, learnt Waltzing Matilda and made our own "Aboriginal" paintings. This week we are going to create a danc to Sun Arise (Rolf Harris!. In history we looked at the life of Amy Johnson who flew solo to Australia after becoming the first female pilot.
  4. What about the actual GEOGRAPHY though??!! I know it is KS1 but there can still be ways you can show extremes of climate, extremes of ecosystem and biodiversity, extremes of population (could bring some numeracy and art in those too). The cultural aspect is just one part of the geography :)
  5. Hi
    I teach Auz (is to year 7 but you could adapt), If you want I can send u my scheme of work. Charmed x
  6. Hi Charmed... Im doing it with my Yr 5 class. Would love it if you could send us scheme of work to have a squizz at... thankyou muchly in advance.


    I've started to set up a link with a primary school in melbourne to allow kids to compare localities... Also liking idea of study of R Murray.

    Also last week... me & little girl donned our wellies and headed down to local stream... picked a class set of flatish stones (guna use em to paint aboriginal art on- cross curr link it with art)...

    Any other ideas out there... :)
  7. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    Please, please could you send me your stuff on australia. Doing it with yr6 in september as both geography and history and would be grateful for any help.
  8. ANyone know of where to get cheap Aussie flags/bunting... had a look on ebay and its £4 fo 8ft... will be expensive to dec classroom up with it at that rate!!! Could make it I suppose but if anyone knew where to get some... :)
  9. Also for post above... hamilton trust have oz as a topic.. depends whether you thinks its worth the 40 squid!! Ive signed up to it as it has a few of topics I was guna do accross yr... ww2 victorians etc.
  10. Hey
    I have tried to send the scheme of work to those who asked but my email is been a bit weird, if you didnt get it please try and email me.



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