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Teaching at an international school

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by gingertea, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi There,
    I taught 6 years in an international school in Scandinavia. That was a great experience and I would have stayed if it wasn't for the weather. The kids were a pleasure to teach. Abviously, these were kids that were very priviledged so you won't find the same issues as what you might find in a some other mainstream schools. This means also that as a teacheryou might have to deal with very involved parents (mothers most of the time) who may have a clear agenda as what they kids should learn (remember that they often pay a lot to get their kids in these school).
    Work conditions were fine despite tensions between teachers hired locally and teachers who were recruited abroad since the latter had a lots of perks that the former didn't get to enjoy such a: higher pay, housing benefit and a paid return ticket at the end of your contract (usually 2 years). Although not a national of this country I was hired locally and hence didn't enjoy the same benefits.
    I would recommend it if you are desperatly looking for something exotic. Be aware though, that the longer you stay abroad the harder it is to come back home...you are simply not the same person anymore and people at home move on as well...

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