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Teaching assistant statement help

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by rosieclark7, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. rosieclark7

    rosieclark7 New commenter

    Hi guys, there seems to be a lot of essential criteria when filling out a teaching assistants application.

    I've spent the last couple of hours going through the criteria and I am really struggling. Help would be much appreciated.

    If somebody can email me a copy of their statement blackstar77@outlook.com it would help greatly.

    This is what I've wrote so far ,


    I have been working as a part time teaching assistant for over two years where I have worked in key stage 2, with Year 3 and Year 5 pupils. Under guidance I have been responsible in assisting in the management of pupils, supporting students during key subjects, maintaining records and organising various lesson materials. In addition to this I have worked alongside the classroom teacher in planning lessons and monitoring pupils learning in response to activities through observations, discussions and questioning in order to assess learning against the criteria. It is greatly rewarding to be able to help students in overcoming difficulty and watching them progress as learners.

    I have also had a role in the school office where I had been tasked with numerous administrative duties. Tasks required organisation and efficiency as I was required to manage a high volume of calls, arrange appointments and manage student files. I thrived working under pressure and meeting deadlines.


    I have the ability to effectively work in a team. On many occasions I have worked alongside colleagues planning, and organising various school events which include parents’ evenings, trips, extracurricular clubs and school outings. I enjoy working with others contributing towards the cause. I am also able to work independently using my own initiative and effectively be able to support pupils in their learning when necessary.

    I am aware of and capable of supporting children in all areas of personal and educational development by attending to pupils needs, implementing related personal, social, health and educational programmes in accordance with school policy. In addition to this I am able to keep accurate records detailing key information of the lessons I support. During lessons at school I am responsible in ensuring I record progress and identify students who need extra support completing tasks. Furthermore any recorded information is then forwarded to the class teacher who may choose to revisit any topic or aspects of work which learners are struggling with.

    I possess excellent communication skills and I am able to communicate with children of all levels effectively in order to relay and simplify instructions or to provide support in order to complete tasks. Through communication, I have helped encourage students to explore their thinking and reasoning during activities and also supported disengaged learners in order to increase their confidence.

    I am able to support students during key subjects such as literacy and numeracy. I possess good subject knowledge and ensure I revise all content before entering the classroom. At school I have supported students in literacy and numeracy lessons by reinforcing concepts taught during group and class work, monitoring progress, providing feedback and devising appropriate classroom strategies in order to support learning in students.

    I possess strong IT skills. I am proficient in key areas of Microsoft Office and capable of learning new programmes as well as adapting to new systems. I have experience in using various Microsoft programmes preparing letters, updating spreadsheets and entering data at school.

    ICT has been frequently applied in lessons to support learning activities and accommodate different learning styles. I am able to function and prepare equipment such as smart boards, tablets and visualisers for use in class.


    I am an enthusiastic and motivated individual who is committed to safeguarding and the well being of children. It is greatly rewarding to be able to work with students and make a positive impact on their lives. The importance of building relationships with young people in school cannot be understated. I always take an interest in students which effectively helps me understand how to support their progression at school.

    I possess the confidence, resiliency and energy to successfully handle difficult behaviour as well as the ability to relate to and build relationships with young people of all backgrounds. At school I have assisted in the development and implementation of appropriate behaviour management strategies in line with school policy.

    Equality Issues

    At school it is the responsibility of all staff to promote inclusion and acceptance of all pupils whilst tackling discrimination and harassment ensuring all students are provided with the same opportunities.

    My experiences at school have enabled me to broaden my understanding of the demands and pressures in regards to managing the classroom whilst considering, groupings, inclusion and diversity. I have experience of working in a multi cultural classroom and school where students are comprised of different nationalities. I have seen firsthand how students benefit from a multi cultural classroom by learning and embracing differences.

    Specialist Knowledge

    I possess knowledge of how students are able to learn and process new information. I have experience of implementing differentiated learning strategies in order to accommodate the diverse and unique learning needs of pupils. At school I have adapted learning materials which complement the needs of pupils and allocated differentiated homework. During lessons a wide range of learning styles are applied which are designed to aid learning in children and enable them to achieve their targets.

    I also possess basic knowledge of the curriculum and can assess learning against the set criteria providing information on pupils learning in addition to being aware of how students should be performing.

    Education and Training

    A qualified first aider. I am a very determined and motivated individual who is always seeking to improve. I will be very willing to undertake any relevant training necessary to progress within my role at school.
  2. eromdap

    eromdap New commenter

    With my inexperienced eyes it is looking good so far. However, do you have any other experience to draw upon apart from the last two years? There may be other applicants with more years' experience to compare you to. In my statement I included previous employment (which was not in education) as there were many transferable skills, eg team working and communication. Could you include individual examples of how you have helped the children to achieve? Do have any interesting hobbies or interests outside school. Would you be willing to go on residential/do lunch duty/run clubs?

    I agree that primarily you have to fulfil the essential criteria, but then you need to include extras that make you stand out against everyone else that are also meeting the criteria.

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