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Teaching Assistant Sample Lesson Help!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Annabel2019, Jul 8, 2019.


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  1. Annabel2019

    Annabel2019 New commenter

    Hi, I have applied for a teaching assistant position and been offered an interview next Monday. The interview process starts off with me being given a group of Year 1s to do a maths or English 20 min activity of my choice to see how I interact with them and generally build rapport.
    I'm really nervous about this despite volunteering at the school on and off for a few years, so hoped I could run my 'lesson' idea by you for any advice:

    I've gone with maths - I'm planning on placing a purse on the table and asking the children what coins they know. If they e.g. say a 2p then I will let them open the purse and see if they can find one (of which there will be a few of each). When all the coins are guessed and laid out on the table I will ask them to put them in order from smallest to largest value (I was planning on 1p up to £2 to allow for different abilities). If they find all this very easy, I will extend by asking one child to pick two coins and asking another child to see if they can work out the total that has been picked.

    Then I was going to get three character teddies out (say a pirate, a princess and my daughter's hippo) and say that these 3 characters want to buy a pair of fantastic rollerskates from the toy shop but they need your help to work out if they have enough money (each character will have their own purse with money in) - rollerskate picture produced with price tag attached (75p). The children then count the money in the 1st purse and write down how much there is with me helping them if they have trouble- they then move onto purses 2 and 3 writing down the amounts. We then discuss who has enough money to buy the skates. For children a bit more advanced we would try and work out how much more e.g the pirate needed to get the skates and then see if we can find that amount in my purse to give him.

    Am I bonkers - or is this a good idea. I'm trying to find something that will engage them for 20 mins and allow enough room for extending brighter children.

    Please help! Any advice would be amazing!!!!!
  2. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Congratulations on getting an interview, Annabel. Your ideas sound good to me. I'm all for extending the brighter children, but my only question would be with the price tags. I'm based in Year 6 so don't have too much idea about where Year 1 would be, but I think a price tag of 75p might be a very ambitious start. I think I might go for much lower amounts - say, 20p to start - and move on from there if they are able. Another possibility would be to see how many ways they can make 20p (or 50p) with the coins.

    You really do sound to be on the right track - good luck with the interview!
  3. Annabel2019

    Annabel2019 New commenter

    Thank you so much for your advice. I think I will bring the price tag down to something like 20p and maybe have a few other objects in my bag that I can bring out with more difficult/ higher price tags to advance a bit if the children are more clued up on money!

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