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Teaching assistant role?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by pencilpotmonitor, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I have worked as a teaching assistant before in three different schools. I left each job because I hated it so much. I was basically used as a 'babysitter' for children with very complex behavioural problems. I was not given any training (AT ALL!) and felt unsupported and totally out of my depth. I was often sent away to other areas of the school to work wih these children and was left to cope on my own for hours at a time. At times when I was working within the classroom (not often) I would be given the children with the most complex learning difficulties and I felt unable to support them adequately. I asked for training, and was promised I would get some, but it never materialised. When I left my last job I swore never to work in a school again as it had made me so unhappy.
    A few years later I was desperate for work so took a job in early years. I soon found I absolutely loved it, was given as much training as I wanted, and my confidence soared. I am starting to get itchy feet as I feel I have achieved as much as I can where I am, and would like to find a role within a school again - but I want to get the right job. How can I ensure the role will suit me and that the school will support me with my professional development? Was I unlucky with my previous roles or is what I experienced familiar to most TA's?
    The other thing I am considering is training to be a teacher myself. When I see good teaching I feel inspired and motivated, but my memories from my previous schools are putting me off. Would it be worth getting some shadowing experience in other schools where I can hopefully see good teaching? Or should my experience be telling me that I'm not cut out for teaching?

  2. Your experience certainly gives the impression that you're not cut out to be a school TA, but it doesn't mean your not cut out for teaching! It's not easy being a TA... and it's not for everyone, I can't understand why you're trying to get out of EY when you seem to have really found your niche! If you do decide to return to primary schools, keep in mind that your CV will show someone with little staying power. I'd look at progressing further within EY.
  3. Thanks for replying [​IMG]
    It's not that I want to get out of Early Years, but my wages as a nursery nurse are pitiful, and looking at job vacancies being advertised locally TA's seem to be much better paid. I thought that by moving into Primary/Infant Schools I might be able to still work within the Foundation Stage but earn a more reasonable wage. I also did enjoy being part of school life and miss that side of things.
    I have thought about doing a degree in EY and going for EYPS but I know a couple of people who have done it and still aren't paid very well. I am still considering it though.
    You're right about my CV - it doesn't look very impressive [​IMG] which is another reason I was considering teacher training. I thought maybe it would help disguise my employment history a little. Probably wishful thinking? I thought about teacher training EY pathway but I am worried it would narrow my chances of getting a job upon qualification.
    Don't get me wrong - it's not all about the money - but I do want to achieve my potential and earn a more decent wage.


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