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Teaching Assistant role subject specific RE Religious Studies advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by katiep1203, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Just a quick message - I've gained a position as a specifically R.E. Teaching Assitant (I have a degree in Theology and experience working with children in youth groups etc) to start me on my path to becoming a teacher in R.E.
    Just wondering if any TA's have a subject specific role, or any teachers who have TA's in their subject and what they are expected to do?
    From what I have experienced, normally TA's are employed in a secondary school to support a specific child i.e. with ASD for example. This role seems to be a little different, in that I am subject specific. I imagine I am working within the RE classes and geared towards those on the SEN list. Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Katie.
  2. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    Have to say I have never encountered an RE specific TA before. A humanities TA covering at least History as well would be more common. Will you really get a full timetable out of just RE? Must be a big school.
    I imagine you will get the sen list for each class and be expected to support statemtents, A's and P's as well as general class support. I think as you are tied to the subject you would also be supporting the teacher a bit more, preparing work, displays, admin etc. The advantages of doing just one subject are you will quickly learn the curriculum and will know exactly where each class are at. The downside is it takes longer to get to know each class as you dont see them very ofter. But it sounds like an ideal job for someone who wants to be an RE teacher so well done.
  3. Hi Katie,
    I've been a Humanities specialist TA for 10 years now. In that time I have supported in class with SEN through to G&T, created and differentiated resources from worksheets to Powerpoints to study/exam guides, supported 1to1 with exam prep, created displays, reviewed resources for suitablilty, researched and initiated new activities such as video conferencing tasks and an evening celebration of the students work, led the teaching of national programmes/activities, led groups on fieldtrips, liaised with partnership schools.......I could go on and on. This has all been possible because of a wonderful group of teachers led by an inspirational Head of Department. If you are as lucky as I have been you can create a role to be anything you want. Unfortunately as always much of this is done for job satisfaction as the pay is not great. I am off to India this Easter on a school trip, so life isn't all bad.
    good luck in your new role.[​IMG]
  4. I'm a Science specific TA and I love it. I know the curriculum, the pupils needs, I work in a fantastic department that respect and support each other. I do individual pupil support, class support, lead group work, I'm heavily involved with BTEC. I love my job.

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