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Teaching assistant pay rates and qualifcations

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Jessy684, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone I am pretty new to this forum and haven't quite got a grasp on how it works.
    I have just finished my cache level 2 TA qualification and I am starting my level 3 specialist teaching assistant in September.
    I am one of these people who likes to think ahead and I am trying to get all the facts and options of what to do after I finish my level 3.
    I am considering my options on wether to go to Uni full time after I have finished my level 3 or if to try and go into employment and study for my degree part time.
    I was wondering if I could find out what is the average pay rate for someone with a level 3 qualification and how much TA experience do you have to have to enable you to become a HLTA?
  2. You would normally start with a level 1 post as a new TA. Levels of jobs are not directly linked to level of qualification.

    To become a HLTA in our LEA, you need to have been a qualified TA for 3 years, AND already be capable of the duties that you will be assessed for. HLTA is a status not a qualification. Even after you have the status, you are not likely to get a position as a HLTA - they are like rocking horse poo round here!

  3. Hello,

    I have to agree with Wren, many jobs in my area are going to people with lots of experience along with a TA qualification, most start at level 1 which is around £11K pro rata. Most TA's work anything from 6 hours per week up to 30, again this is spread over 38 weeks. For example I am level 2 qualified, currently doing my level 3, have and do cover teacher absence I work 31 hours a week (although I am in school at least an extra 5 hours a week) and take home on average £800 per month. TA jobs are very difficult to get in my area without classroom experience and it is very common to have over 100 applications per job. I appreciate that many of the applicants are people without the relevant qualifications and experience i.e. parents thinking the role is easy to fit in with child care, but many other applicants are teachers and also TAs with lots of experience. HLTA roles are hard to find and often go in house as the head has experience of the TA teaching the whole class.

    Sorry about the lack of paragraphs Safari just won't put them in.

  4. AJ is spot on - 2 teachers were interviewed for the position I start next week, I feel very fortunate to have got it!


    ps AJ - if you put a left arrow no spaces or quotes where you want a new paragraph, you should get one!
  5. the ps did not come out as I typed it at all!

    type in > p
  6. it's still not working -I'll try from my laptop later!
  7. Hi,
    there are no average pay rates, especially by qualification level, and they vary significantly from employer to employer. You could ask your local authority what they pay or look on their electronic job vacancies; there are nearly always TA jobs advertised.
    The HLTA status depends on an assessment of competencies (judged at about level 4) but from 1 September the government is withdrawing the funding for independent assessments and it will be for the headteacher to decide if the competencies are met or not.

  8. Hello Wren > p

    Thanks for the paragraph advice, lets hope it works!

    > p
  9. Guess I'm still doing something wrong, will have to just live without paragraphs!

  10. Sorry AJ - I was posting the info - using my phone and whole sentences were disappearing - most annoying!
    Anyway to get a new paragraph type in at the end of the line and that will insert the paragraph.
    Hope this helps!

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