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Teaching Assistant Level 3 grade - how much do you earn for this?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by overtherainbow, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. I am an HLTA and I dont get that much!
    Either you are the only TA or your LEA is definately not Kent.
    P.S. any more jobs going in your school at that level?

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  2. Each LA is at the moment able to set pay for TAs, so your pay will depend on where in the country you work. Those that have been through single status and job evaluation will now probably be on term time only contracts but you are still entitled to statutory holiday pay so will get paid for 44.5 (ish) weeks of the year. If you are not, get on to your union. Those on 52 weeks pay are probably in authorities that have not implemented single status in line with the Equal Pay legislation. However, LAs (and heads) are to lose the power to set pay as a bill went through parliament and received Royal assent in November 2009. The School Support Staff Negotiating Board (SSSNB) now has statutory powers and a requirement to implement a new pay and conditions framework. Implementation dates keep changing (mostly due to new government and red tape) but is currently set for April 2012. Read and find out more through the link. Unions are on board with it, UNISON being the most savvy.
  3. You're very lucky. I work in Sussex. I work 25 hrs per week, Grade 4, point 16. My pay before tax was only £9222. That was for 44 weeks.
  4. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    Same here. You 52 weekers don't know how lucky you are. At my school we get paid 25 hours a week for 38 weeks a year. Exactly the hours the children are in school for then they begrudgingly add the 4 weeks statutory holiday pay on top.
    Any second that we're not in the classroom we're not paid for.
  5. I'm the same as you glenn, but change the last sentence to;

    Any second THE CHILDREN are not in the classroom we're not paid for.
  6. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    <font size="3">If you're term time only and live in the magical wonder forest with pixies and rainbows and lollipop trees then you might get around 14k If you live in the real world its likely to be 10 to 12k
  7. I'm in Wales too. Am Level 3 paid 39 weeks over 52 but my salary is £17, 704,
  8. I'm outer London and get &pound;20600 for 33.5 hours a week paid for 45.39 weeks of the year.
  9. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Very interesting thread to see how varied the pay rates are depending on LAs.
    Anyone earning above &pound;14,000 is very lucky and you should be counting your blessings.
  10. Im a level 3 at the moment was HLTA now earning &pound;12.350 from &pound;14.000 and not paid hol pay. This for 30 hours.[​IMG]
  11. i do all the above but I'm only a level 2 TA and earn 8,000 a year :/
  12. I am a level 3 used to be called a nursery nurse. What are the rules of a level 3 covering classes, cause level 3 t a's teaching children more than teachers at the moment, and we are told it says in single status we have to do it x
  13. Trekkie

    Trekkie Occasional commenter

    I'm level 3 (Senior TA) and it's not in my job description to teach whole class! HLTAs take PPA in our Primary and cover short term sickness. I have taken a class for a couple of hours in an emergency but always the class that I'm based in.

    You will get many different answers from TAs in many different LEAs!!

  14. Hey,

    I've just started my Level 3 TA diploma, and not once did i think about how much i would earn once qualified, until my husband asked me.

    It's all the varied? Why is this?
  15. Trekkie

    Trekkie Occasional commenter

    It really does vary from one LEA to another so best to check locally. Be aware that salaries are advertised 'pro rata' based on full time.

    Are you working as a TA already? The reason I ask is that you will find that many of the TA posts will be paid at Level 1 (in my Primary) or, if you're lucky, Level 2. You may have a higher qualification but you are paid for the level of job that you do.

    A Level 3 post would most usually be a TA with some years of experience. Level 3 TAs may undertake recruitment/induction/appraisal/training and mentoring for other teaching assistants and to have specialist skills in curriculum or learning area, eg ICT/bi-lingual.

    In our LA, a level 3 TA working 25 hours per week takes home (approximately) &pound;830!! That's the top of the level 3 scale. Level 1 salary around &pound;650 approximately.

    Ours seems to be one of the most complicated salaries to calculate and there are numerous threads on this forum asking the same question! [​IMG]
  16. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I'm not quite sure why some old threads have suddenly been resurrected but if anyone is still genuinely interested points 17 - 24 on the NJC scale are currently £16998 - £21067 for full-time, all year round working - a rough estimate of what this is for a TA working 32.5 hours is a gross pay of £13357 - £16554.

    The levels of pay stayed the same from 2009 till last year (2013) when there was a 1% rise which is included in the figures I quoted. The pay offer for this year is another 1% but union members have voted overwhelmingly to reject this.

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