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Teaching Assistant Level 3 grade - how much do you earn for this?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by overtherainbow, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I have seen a job advertised as a Level 3 grade 4 point 17-24 but it doesn't say what the pay is for this - I am not clear with the teaching pay scales so can anyone give me a rough idea of how much someone would earn doing this role?

  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Roughly £9.50 per hour in our authority.
  3. And most are paid term time only.
  4. And most are paid contact time only.
    In primary that's 25 hrs a week or less.
    I don't think my authority pays as much as 9.50 an hour for L3.
    Don't forget that most term time only contracts actually spread your pay over the full 12 months; this has implications for claiming any benefits.

    They like to make it easy to work out ..... don't they!!

  5. so does this mean you don't get paid over half terms and holidays etc?
  6. I'm a Level 3 TA and am paid £17,450 per annum and get paid for school holidays.
  7. Depends on the LA. That will probably be about 18,000, but that amount would be pro-rata for 52 weeks a year, 37 hours a week. If you're working for 25 hours, and most TAs don't get paid for the actual school holidays, then you'll actually take home about 60% of that, so just over 10,000. This will then be split so that you get 12 even monthly payments, though you're only paid for 44 weeks of the year, if that makes sense!
    In a lot of special schools, you do get paid for 52 weeks, so it's a case of checking the small print and asking a lot of questions because there are no hard and fast rules.
  8. I saw another job with the same scale and it said just over £16,000 to £19,000 and something would that depend on your experience where they would put you on that scale as its like a 3k jump?
  9. If you have 1 year experience of working at level 3 then you would start on £16,000 then each year you will go up a scale point until you reach £19,000.
    We had UNISON and a diff union in last week who told us that eventually all TAs will be paid 52 weeks.
  10. Lucky you! I've been a TA for nearly 17 years and am now a level 3, I get paid for 39 weeks in the year spread over 12months and that works out roughly £12,000 per annum. Even though the quoted advertised price is £17,000.
  11. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    You've got some interesting answers here - all true about their circumstances BUT may all be incorrect for yours.
    These things vary so much you do need to find out. At our school a call to the Admin Officer would get you the answer in about 2 minutes
  12. i am on 14,446 pro rata + @200 5 years continuous service, this is the top on L2 in my school at point 18
  13. I'd rather not be paid for 52 weeks of the year, so would fight against this through my union. No job is going to pay you for 52 weeks and yet allow you to have 15 weeks a year holiday, and I only work in a school because it fits with my own children. There are other threads on here about having now to work in the school holidays if your contract is for 52 weeks, so count me out of wanting that.
  14. I'm a Level 3 LSO and I only get paid 39 weeks over the 52, and my salary to April was £11227 this is in Wales.
  15. Well, bodkin, I, and all TAs in my LA, am paid for 52 weeks per year and get all the school holidays. I'd rather not lose that, thankyou...
    If you are paid term time only you do actually get paid for some holiday, just not the full school holidays. Holiday entitlement is statutory, So, at the very least, if you work for 39 weeks you will be entitled to (and get) paid holiday pro rata. I don't know exactly how it is worked out, but if you are contracted for 52 weeks you are entitled to 5 weeks (I think that's the current local govt. entitlement) paid holiday and Bank Holidays. If you are contracted for fewer weeks then your paid holiday entitlement will reduce pro rata, but there will still be an entitlement and payment for it. When we were on TTO (39 weeks) we were actually paid for 45 weeks pa.
  16. I really cannot see how LAs are able to pay TA's for 52 weeks of the year and I am sure no new jobs are currently paid as such - the 'norm' is term time plus a week -certainly in my LA
  17. The reason that some LAs pay 52 weeks per year is that they have an agreement on TA's terms and conditions which has been locally negotiated and which schools are not able to ignore (else the Unions step in).
    Anyone on a 'continuous' contract (i.e. one which does not terminate at the end of each school year and start afresh at the start of the next) should be entitled to payment for some holidays; so those of you who say that you are paid for 39 weeks should check it out. You are either mistaken, or the LA/school is being a bit naughty...
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It is normal in my LA (same one as Maizie) for TAs to be paid 52 weeks and new permanent jobs are paid the same. It is also normal for TAs to work similar hours to teacher rather than be paid 9-3
  19. Hi
    Just flicked through replies to your query. I reckon it depends on your experience. I decided that I would apply to a secondary school as a literacy HLTA and because I was a primary teacher for 20 years and had lots of SEN experience, plus honours degree, plus reading recovery training I have been given the top end which works out after hol deductions at £22,000. For the reduction in stress and expectation its been well worth it. I have a ton of experience though and the educational psychologist at the school really rates me as I dont waste his time & give evidence of concerns based on scores!!
    Good luck
  20. those of you who are paid for 52 weeks are very lucky!!! I work for a very large county council and have a permanent contract rather than pupil specific but get term time plus a week- need to move !!!!

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