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Teaching Assistant Interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by krissmith56, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. I want to get into teaching after having some classroom experience as a teaching assistant. I have got my first zoom interview for a role in KS2 next week and they'd like me to prepare a presentation on a children's book to read to a group aged 7-11 and include how I would teach a lesson on an aspect of this book. Does anybody have any recommendations for books or any tips on what to include in the presentation? I aiming to base it on the topic of diversity and/or mental health. Thanks.

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    Golly that's some age range you've got there. Diversity/Mental Health is ' thoughtful' but won't the students have had this relentlessly fed them for ever ? Your lesson and interview has got to wow and stepping confidently outside the expected boxes will at the very least help them remember you.
    " The 1,000 year old boy " looks good. Look at the ' who wants to live forever ?' angle -the pitfalls etc. tie in with wishing and expectations....

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