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Teaching assistant interview process

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sarah-lou1987, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. sarah-lou1987

    sarah-lou1987 New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I applied for my first ta position in an infant school. I received a call today inviting me in to see the school and speak with the head teacher or deputy head. I was told if I get through this round then id be invited back for an interview. I like to be prepared so has anyone been through this before, what should I expect. I won't be the only applicant there, the lady said there were alot of people who applied. I'm feeling nervous, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks
  2. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

    This seems a bit odd to me... and invitation to look around the school...but it is also an interview? They already have your application forms, so it seems a bit odd. Are they trying to establish that you can speak English well, like smalll children, are keen and enthusiastic....goodness only knows. Have you any more clues to help us help you? In the meantime, have a look at https://tatips.com/category/general-interview-tips
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  3. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    I think this is unusual, a bit like an informal 'look around' which you might request, but on their side! As galerider says, they will be looking at how you interact with any children you meet - smile, be friendly and be interested in what they are doing. Definitely have a good look at the school website before you go so that you can learn as much as possible about the school ethos, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, etc. Have some questions ready about what you have read.
    Most important - smile, be confident. They were impressed enough with your application form to ask you to visit so clearly feel you have a lot to offer. Best of luck!
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  4. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

    Great advice.
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