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Teaching assistant in class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by getrichquick, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Can't help but think we have all got rather a long way from the OP. The fact that teachers like overtherainbow are wanting to know how to work effectively with their TAs is a positive thing. The role of the TA differs widely from school to school. The most important thing is having that desire to work together to deliver the best education for our pupils. My CT knows that she can trust me to follow her planning and use my initiative. However I certainly don't think that I am too good to be laminating or washing paint pots. We are a team:there have been plenty of times when I wash and she dries in fact !
  2. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Anyone that wants to spend their precious little personal time correcting people's spellings on this forum - seriously needs to re-think priorities in life!
  3. It's interesting reading these comments. I find it rather concerning to hear that some of you have to find things for TA's to do. I am a TA and I have a weekly meeting with the teacher where we plan for the week, this involves support for individuals and group activities. I am expected then to plan for the groups that I work with for example phonics and handwriting. I also cover PPA time by teaching art to all year groups and therefore have planning to do for that. The artwork has to be displayed, the phonics work has to be marked and new homework given, clay work has to fired, photocopying is required for most lessons and orders for new stock has to be done too. There is never a moment when I have to ask the teacher for something to do.
  4. Seriously you are quite sarcastic. I understand that it can be annoying that you don't know which post I am replying to but when you yourself are unsure of how to use the site it can be quite annoying when you get people being horrible and sarcastic with quotes like yours.

    I don't know what you are getting at but in answer to you questions yes II do think that some TA's think they have are as qualified as a teacher and I am not one of them. I do admin jobs as well as the teacher and I do know some that think it is beneath them but that is their problem and yes for all us good TA's there are some rubbish ones and I know some of them too.
  5. Just to join in the debate,I was told by my deputy head that according to a survey she was shown on a course, TA's offer the least value for money in terms of impact on children's learning. What say all of you?
  6. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    True, although I wouldn't call it a spelling mistake. More the poster was pointing out to the other poster the correct saying. They were just being helpful.

  7. Sack us all then, easy !
  8. In my school the whole KS team plan together - it is brilliant as every member of staff knows exactly what is happening. We also allocate support where needed, which is decided upon by the SENCO, ELSA and Deputy - this can change on a daily basis, but our breakfast meetings (yes with coffee and pastries!) ensure all staff are fully informed.
  9. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I think the way many TAs are used then that would be true.
  10. Same here. We have team meetings each week and I have to report to the teacher the things I have planned for my Fine Motor Skills and Speech and Language groups. I then put these onto a planning sheet, carry it out, observe and assess and report back again.
    I have plenty to keep me busy and I am never not doing anything.
  11. Oh I dont know where to begin in response to the role of the TA. I was a TA and a Higher level teaching asistant before I qualified as a Teacher last year. I would not be able to manage without the supoort of the TA that works with me. She is not my personal TA.
    I treat her as a fe llow professional and have respect for her skills. I never ask her to do a job I would'nt do myself. If you respect people they will support you as the Teacher but not because they are told too or expected too, it's because they know they are treated as a professional - which they are.
    She gives me bilingual support with the children and the parents. I timetable her in to do Guided reading each week with me. She does Phonics groups across the ability levels not the SEN or low achievers. If we get ten minutes at fruit time I will ask her to do a quick assessment or she does the snack time and I do the assessment.
    I have seen examples in the past where Teachers do treat TA as their personal assisstants. Having them photocopy, run upstairs, make me a brew and never once making a drink. Do me a wall display. It makes me very angry.
    Anyway enough for now the TA should be supporting the children across all the ability ranges. Happy Teaching.

  12. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    There would be too many variables to take the conclusion at face value. My school employs one TA who purely does admin and displays (no contact time) - so of course she has no measurable impact on children's learning. There are certainly some TAs who only do the job because it is convenient to work at their child's school. However - some of us go through observations and performance management just like teachers - and I for one can show how my interventions have a direct and measurable positive impact on the children's learning
  13. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Surely asking somebody to do a job they are meant to do is acting in a professional way? What does it matter if you would do it or not. Teachers are not meant to be doing displays. Why should any teaher feel bad about asking a TA to do their job?
  14. Hmmm. Well the role of the TA has changed quite a bit really. I quite often feel that on a day to day basis the teachers have the easier life. I deliver thirteen interventions on a weekly basis (interacting with 5 different teachers) as well as run my own literacy and numeracy groups. Now yes the teacher did write the plan but I differentiate, model, mark, evaluate and inform the teacher for future planning. I also provide PPA cover twice s week and have to get the work done in the given time. I also mark it. I am a lead professional, write I.e.p's, attend statement reviews and deliver extensive intervention programmes devised by outside agencies. I cover playground duty, ran a pupils parliament , a nurture lunch time group and an after school club. I think that makes me a colleague who doesn't get paid for holidays!

  15. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    You Sir/Madam, are a sucker.

    If you choose to do all the things you don't have to be doing then you have no right to complain or act high and mighty about it.
  16. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    I would call it a spelling mistake when the spelling is incorrect in the context.
    "They were just being helpful" ...... sure .....
  17. you are soooo lucky your TA's get paid for all that extra time, I am the early years leader responsible for 58 children i teach one class and have another teacher for the other class. our 2 TA's get paid for the hours the children are in school so all preparation for inside and outside falls to me. However I wouldn't trade my TA's for the world they never stop all day apart from an hour at lunch for which they are not paid. They deal with accidents in our area, also with children who are not clean and dry, make snacks and wash up as well as hearing reading, helping with phonics well the list goes on and on. They are great and it is very noticable how much they are worth if they are ill or off for any reason the cover TA's can't wait to get back into the main school for their "tea breaks" we don't get any cause something always needs to be done! Untill you have worked as a TA in the reception class I don't think you should comment about how they make little difference to the learning of children.
  18. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Teachers don't get paid for their holidays either!
  19. lynellie

    lynellie New commenter

    As a TA. I'm glad that I don't work in your school or more specifically your class.
    To say that the impact of TAs on achievement is low/negligable is an insult quite frankly, I would love you to reference where this so called evidence comes from. Whilst TA skills may not compare to those of some teachers, to see your TA as somebody not really worth having in your class is disgraceful and degrading. I really hope you don't have a TA in your class because you most certainly don't deserve to have onee with your attitude. I am more than happy to be part of a school that values their TAs, that teachers in my school value highly and are more than grateful for having as part of a 'team' to work along with and support learning. Most decent TAs would do a better job than some supply teachers that come to school and are in fact often relied on to guide supply staff through the school day. Heaven help your TA if you do have one in your class, he/she must be thrilled to go home every day and hate Monday mornings coming round. TAs have a wealth of experience that you would do well to tap into rather than insult here.
    Incidentally, you do not double the consonant after the 'u' in focus to add the suffix 'ing' as the 'u' is an unstressed vowel as is the 'o' in develop. When the vowel before the final consonant is an unstressed vowel you DO NOT double the final consonant before adding the suffix. Therefore focus > focusing, develop > developing. And TAs have no impact!
  20. When I was a teacher Aide, nowadays called School Learning Support Officer, we were not only doing work with children, but also anything else that had to do with them. For example, clear up the shelves, photo copying, moving furniture around the classroom, tables and chairs to reset the class. However, during the puple free day, nowadays being called, Development Day, the teachers aides used to be told to organise the teachers lunch area to eat lunch. By organising I mean we were told to place all the food on the table, make all the tables together so that it will be a special lunch day. Than we were asked to clean and wash everything. I and the rest of the teachers aids are aware that this was not what we were there fore during that day, but we used to be told to go and do something else instead of attending the seminars or lectures as "there did not concern us".
    One time we said that we did not wish to drive the children on our own as we are not covered if anything happened to us. The reply was, you will soon loose your jobs if you refuse to do what we tell you.
    As you can see, it all depends what you want the teachers aide for and if the teacher aids wants to do the job or not. If the teacher aides refuses certain work, than another person can take the job which is ready to do the work and the rest will end up without a job.
    Unions are there to assist, but still the issues and loosing the job or getting a reputation makes the teachers aids accept the work, put her head down and does not say no.

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