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Teaching assistant in class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by getrichquick, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. When she's not with a group or individual, the teaching assistant listens to readers. She also had jobs to do, such as checking on planners, but these are on set days. If there are any other jobs for her to do, such as filing or displays etc, I make sure she is given time to do them, after she has listened to her readers.
  2. Surely TAs should be with children, if they were doing something other than that we would soon be asked why.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    So glad someone else thinks this. My TA is planned for and has specific things to do in the lesson. So in the input, activity and plenary parts she has a role to play in the lesson. I'd be shot at down if she didn't.

    If it is storytime or there is genuinely nothing for her to so (plenaries sometimes) then I ask her to do things like displays, but that is all. It is very rare, well not that rare, maybe once a week or so.
  4. I meant more in the mornings or at break times - the TA will be working with children at the other times - sorry for the confusion here
  5. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    In most cases, TAs should also be taking on some of the roles that teachers should not be required to do, such as putting up displays, bulk photocopying, etc.. If schools are insisting that TAs spend all of their time in contact with children, then such schools also need to identify admin staff to take on the roles that teachers cannot be required to do under the terms of the STPCD.

  6. I agree!
    During literacy and numeracy time, I plan for my TA to work with groups or individuals. But, in the afternoon when we do topic work and foundation subjects, wandering amongst groups who do not really need help is pointless. I'd rather she spent some of that time listening to readers and then photocopying and doing tasks which I would otherwise do myself either before or after school. That means that my time is more taken up with teaching and learning rather than finding art resources, photocopying or mounting work for display.
    I also try and make sure that during those spare few minutes, during registration, story time, etc. when the TA isn't working with a group or an individual, there are some jobs planned. Otherwise, mine tends to wander off and not be seen again for some time...!
  7. If I was blessed with a TA then he/she would be given individual or groups of children to work with.
    Almost 50% of my class have special needs and some are working at a Reception/Year 1 level. I would love a TA even only a couple of lessons a week. They wouldn't get a job list.
  8. My TA is planned for and even has her own Phonics group. She is a total star and very efficient with her time. We have 3 trays in the classroom, one is a finished work/marking tray, the next is the TAs tray where I put anything that needs photocopying, laminating, cutting out and the last is the tray where she puts all the stuff when she has finished. Works a treat.
  9. I'm a TA. I have a timetable, included in it is a slot for admin (either my own or the teacher's, depending on what needs doing). I laminate and photocopy during assemblies. When the children are in class, I am either taking intervention groups or working with whoever in the class the teacher needs me to. I try to be efficient and proactive without being irritating! If you need your TA to do something, tell them.
  10. I'm a TA, in my experience there is no one way to use a TA:it depends on where their skills lie. Some are amazing with displays and admin; others DO make an impact on standards and are more than capable of working with groups of children, under the direction of their CT. I know of many TAs who are fantastic at all of the above. I put in at least an extra 5 hours a week unpaid to help my class teacher keep up with laminating, displays, marking and other admin and work with groups of children during lessons, as well as leading intervention groups. There is indeed plenty of research which seems to show that TAs do not improve standards and I think it is fair to say that skill levels, experience and subject knowledge can vary widely. However it would be a mistake to underestimate the impact that a good TA will make.The key here is good communication and a respectful working relationship in my opinion.
  11. In my school, TAs are teaching assistants - they are there to assist the teaching and NOT teachers assistants who act as a personal assistant doing photocopying, filing etc.
    Make of that what you want!
  12. Hi As a teaching assistant who is more than happy to help out anywhere in or around school, I was a little annoyed by your comments on helping out at breaktime as I am not paid for break times unlike most teaching staff therefore do not have to do anything! although i should add that I run organise and plan two clubs twice weekly at lunchtime unpaid! A lot of staff should take the time to chat to their TA,s to find out strengths etc and work with them accordingly, this would help towards the smooth running of the classroom etc.
  13. I was also a TA for 8 years went through a year of hitting 33 teaching standards to achieve HLTA status. Now doing GTP and would love to have an experienced special needs worker helping the children in some of my classes. I have several statemented children and it can be hard to always get the learning across such complex needs. As a HLTA I did above my job description. I sorted all the sen info for the department, sorted exam concessions and never once was I made to feel second place to the teacher. We were a team and I would have done anything to help the children. The TA has a different relationship than a teacher with the children and as such they will often open up more and you can get a lot of information that will help everyone. I was given a list once by a trainee and felt insulted on another occasion a child cried for me to help and the teacher said to the child" I am the teacher not her" I don't think the child cared where the knowledge came from.
  14. As a dedicated (underpaid as all of us are) TA I like your attitude :)
  15. Yes I agree, my blood did boil slightly at that too as salary and being overworked already is a very sensitive area. I agree on all your comments as most of us TAs have varied strengths from our past lives/careers :)
  16. You don't have one - so take it from those that do. There ARE little jobs that can be done in a short while that make a big difference to teachers. I am in a Special school and have MANY TAs and a jobs book as well as a jobs list!
  17. Surely your time would be better spent teaching rather than photocopying, putting up displays sorting out resources. Or do you do that after school when you should be planning or marking etc? It is also important for teachers to have a rest and a life.
  18. When it looks like T.A's will not be paid for any sickness (unlike teachers) either, the goodwill to work all hours and do that bit extra is slowly disappearing. This is a real shame. Most TA's love their job and are true Angels.They go above and beyond what is required of them. They should be paid a proper salary to reflect what they do. I know our school could not function as outstanding without them.
  19. I am a TA with over ten years experience and I am so pleased I don't work along side of you. I say along side because I work as part of a team. That means I am included in decisions and all aspects of the classroom. If you honestly believe that a TA's impact is low then your children are suffering due to your small mindedness. I have numerous intervention programs under my belt which can make me an invaluable resource for those children who are struggling. I have accessed courses and training the teacher has not making me more qualified in certain areas. I am the extra eyes and ears that surely all teachers wish they had and more than that I am often the first contact for the children as many feel more comfortable asking for my support than the teachers. I think you really need to spend some time in an outstanding school and see how TAs are used and valued.
  20. But the teacher has to be accountable for EVERYTHING a TA does! Working as a team and knowing what part of the team you can contribute to is always a plus! I think lists are good - I have these for myself!!!!

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