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Teaching Art & Design websites?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by gthomasart, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. gthomasart

    gthomasart New commenter

    Hi, I'm looking to extend the list of websites I use for inspiration and resources.

    My own site is www.theartteacher.net which I use to share schemes of work, lessons and resources etc. I teach KS3 and KS4 art and photography.

    Another site I use is www.theartyteacher.com which is full of great resources!

    Do you have any you could share please?

  2. amimamim

    amimamim New commenter

    Hi there.
    I coincidentally just followed you yesterday on twitter!

    I hadn't seen your site before so it way a joy to discover. I blog at www.felt-tip-pen.com and did a post a few weeks ago about helpful sites for Art teachers which may be of use... http://felt-tip-pen.com/five-websites-every-art-teacher-needs/

    A couple of other great websites I have found are:

    I also find social media is excellent for inspiration.
    Best wishes,
  3. gthomasart

    gthomasart New commenter

    Hi, I saw and followed you back :) and thanks for the links, they're great!

    Hopefully others will add some more... :)
  4. MrMcGuffie

    MrMcGuffie New commenter

    The site you mentioned earlier, www.TheArtyTeacher.com has been improved recently. It's worth another look.

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