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Teaching applications are sending me crazy. Help please! (PGCE student)

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by veni_vidi, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Hi all, i am struggling to get an inteview for a job despite spending hours on job applications. I have read the advice on here, taken advice from mentors, had two people check my letter...my head is swimming with advice. (Yet i'm asking for more :)
    I am confused by the completely different job application forms, yet i'm told there seems to be a specific way of completing them or it gets binned. If i followed all the advice on TES and from other teachers it would be a dissertation, yet they also say to keep it brief! Talk about specific examples, yet don't waffle. Make it STAND OUT from the rest, but follow this rigid structure or you won't get anywhere! ARGH

    Anyway, I have a paper application here. They ask for experience, knowledge and skills etc in boxes on the app. So do i hand write these until i run out of space, then use a typed continuation sheet? Or briefly mention in these boxes how i meet the (2 page!!!) spec, then elaborate in the cover letter, and talk about my philosphy of education etc there too?
    And if i do these things, do i need to do an exectutive summery (i read about that on here).
    It's really frustrating as my course mates have sent me their letters, and i don't think they have done all these things yet they got an inteview :-(
  2. Hello
    As you have said, you have advice coming out of your ears, so I am loathed to add more, but a couple of pointers seemed to have worked for me (I got 8 interviews from 11 applications).
    1. The Exec Summary is a really key part even if that ends up being in the body of the application (wherever, it seems appropriate as WW says above - don't repeat for the sake if it). Be concise and show in very specific terms how you meet each criteria. Some of these person specs are, like you say, crazily long. So you could try grouping them together.
    2. Be really critical of your own writing (this is a general point not a criticism as i don't know what your letter is like). Can you write things in five words rather than 12? This will make it easier to read and digest. Make it clear and consise. Think - all winner, no filler!
    3. Use words from the job advert and the Ofsted to show that you are a perfect match and in tune with them.
    4. I have been brave and bolded certain words or phrases where I have wanted to get the point across. This can look pushy and isn't to everyone's taste but if you have things you want to stand out then in a pile of 50+ applications, why not?
    5. Use very specific examples of where you have done something. i.e. I worked with a boy in my year 9 class with Asperger's and by the end of the term he increased by 1 NC level. I did this by....etc. You could even add quotes from good observations.
    Good luck! Its such a tough market, it might not be anything you're doing or not doing, just the sheer weight of competition. Keep going!!
  3. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Thanks Welshwizard and Twinkle1234, you advice makes perfect sense. I have used some of this in my application, fingers crossed :)

    If not then supply!...
  4. Veni Vedi, if you message me your email I will send you mine. I'm getting shortlisted for about 80% of jobs I apply for.

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