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Teaching and schools in NZ

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by emmajrp, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. emmajrp

    emmajrp New commenter

    Hi, my OH has just received a job offer for a post in Wellington. I am a British primary and SEN trained and educated teacher with recognition in England, Scotland and NSW Australia. As we are PR in Australia we have PR in NZ. I'm unsure how best to apply for NZ recognition, should I apply and everything? Should I apply for qualification check first? What is the teaching like in NZ?

    Finally we would be moving with three children aged 13,10 and 8. What are schools like? Bullying? What years would they be in (currently year 8,6 and 4)? Can you guess I'm a nervous mum.

    Any helpful comments or kind words would be greatly appreciated.
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    On this forum there is a huge discussion about teaching in New Zealand, so I would read all of the posts on that thread first, emmajrp.

    As for this smelly old hippo, I really do not know anything about teaching in the Land of the Flightless Bird, but Kiwi friends have told me that the house prices in NZ are crazy and the teachers' salaries are not good. I'm sorry if that is unhelpful.
  3. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter


    Wellington is super expensive there is a teacher shortage so getting a post won't be difficult. If your teaching qual is from UK you don't need your qualms to be recognises anymore. I think but don't quote me for Oz qualms there is reciprocated recognition so you will need to apply for teacher registration.

    Look on Education gazette for jobs it just coming into silly season so loads of jobs.

    As for schooling as seems the case everywhere the quality of education varies from school to school and each has there own strengths.

    House prices are very much dependent on where you are based. Auck and Wellington on teachers salaries I wouldn't bother rent is very high and difficult to secure. Out in the regions you will often get a school house nothing glamorous I can defo attest to that but secure.

    For those thinking about moving to nz get a work visa through school and get the moving grant try it out first s or visa really expensive.
  4. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    If you already have PR in Australia why bother. Salaries in NZ are considerably lower than in Aus (shockingly low actually) and living costs don't reflect that.
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  5. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    The above is not from me living there by the way, just some research I put in earlier in the year
  6. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    That because one of those countries is filled with poisonous animals and populated by criminals, and the other one is truly amazing ;)
  7. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    House prices- to someone from the SE of England, house prices here don't seem too bad. They've gone up a lot recently and there are some places where they are eye-watering, but we manage a comfortable life-style on my salary only. Yes, we have a mortgage. A few caveats- we had a sizeable deposit from selling property in the UK, we were able to cash in a Kiwi saver and lived in school housing for a few years to save money. We also live in a reasonably remote part of the S Island, far away from Auckland and Wellington. If you are dual income and have some savings/ house sale deposit you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can afford. You may not. Have a look on some websites to give you some ideas- Trademe property wouldn't be a bad place to start. Teaching salaries will be on the NZEI website for primary teachers, and will be standard across the country. There is a general shortage of teachers and supply work/ relieving might be a good bet as there is a definite shortage of those in some areas.

    On another note. I'm not sure that Permanent Residency in Oz will get you PR in NZ. I'm PR here and my understanding has always been that to move to Oz, I'd have to go through Immigration Australia. If I had citizenship here in NZ, then I could come and go freely. I'm not sure on this one, and I'm happy to be corrected. My knowledge is possibly well out of date.

    Your children will presumably start schools in February - so the Yr8 will go into Yr9 (which is the first year of high school) and the other two will attend a primary and/ or an intermediate. If you are looking at schools, then the Education Review Office will be a reasonable place to start. Schools are inspected every three years or so and the reports are published online. Generally, the higher the decile rating, the better the socio-economic background of most of the pupils. It's a crude measure and up for review, but as rough guide (or a guide to roughness...) it is a starting point. A bit like % pupils on free school dinners in England/ Wales.

    Um. I've lived and taught in NZ for ten years now in a variety of locations. I'm happy to try and answer any questions but my immigration knowledge is out of date, teacher registration is changing and I'm a high school teacher as opposed to primary. Bear all that in mind, but I will do my best to help.

    Good luck. There are several NZ thread on this forum, so have a read through those. There is one extremely long one (that has recently been revived...) and a few shorter ones.

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