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Teaching and rearing kids

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Riker1969, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Im going to be a father soon. Wondering how the average male teacher copes with the stress of a newborn and holding down a job? When do you get time to correct/Plan or does that go by the wayside? How do you cope with loss of sleep?
  2. AmelieS

    AmelieS New commenter

    Hi. Don't worry. You will cope. I had my daughter and went back to work when she was 5 months old. I was still feeding her twice in the night by that point, but had a full time teaching job too. Some nights we only got 3 or 4 hours sleep, but still managed work. It's hard, but you'll soon adjust. Being a parent is so rewarding and it makes you see the pupils in a new light...suddenly they are someone's son/daughter and you will understand the parents far more. The key to coping with a new born is routine.They do sleep alot a first, just seize the moment, try not to bring so much home and avoid time wasting in the staffroom. Goodluck and congratulations!
  3. Thanks Amelie:
    Did you cut down on your prep work?
  4. Wait til you've got 4!!

    Seriously though you will cope, you will become brilliant at prioritising, working every moment you can in school, rather than wasting time chatting (not suggesting you do, I was talking about me), sharing with your colleagues, cutting corners (where appropriate) and I know this is controversial, but for me it really did make me a better teacher having my own children. My suggestion is that you establish a good bedtime routine early on, so that you get your evenings back as soon as possible, this definitely helps.
  5. if you are lucky, your wife will do all the night time get ups whilst on maternity leave. I did for my husband as thought it only fair as he was working. I went back to work just before LO was 7 months. Told my husband that he would now be required to help out at night as LO had become a sleep nightmare. Sadly, at 12 months he is still a sleep nightmare. I would say I do about 80% of the gets up. Bed time routine is very important - I work every night bar Sunday from 7:30 after LO has gone to bed. You have to be very efficient but you can do it although don't expect to be a brilliant teacher for a while. Is your wife a teacher too? In some respects easier if you both don't have work to do in the evenings. Good luck and hope all goes well.
  6. I did night times whilst on maternity leave, too, especially as I exclusively BF (although expressed sometimes). But when I went to work 3 days a week from 6 months my husband (also a teacher) had to help in night - especially as I was solely responsible for getting LO sorted, meals sorted, taken / picked up from childcare etc as well as my job.
    My husband struggled massively with night disturbances in the first few months (despite it being me getting up and dealing with her) I'm not going to lie. He was tired and work was sometimes hard. Work was hard for me, too, as she was a long way off sleeping through at 6 months. We worked out ways around it, though - like people are mentioning above. And there are rewards!!! It is wonderful becoming a family together and getting to know your little one (even if you do sometimes get to know them at some pretty antisocial hours!!)
    I am a few weeks off having our second and although husband will be at work full time he's going to have to do more at night than last time as I also have to spend all day with a 2 year old who often doesn't nap in the day anymore. Looking after kids with next to no sleep isn't actually easier than working with little sleep. When I was 13 weeks pregnant this time I felt dramatically better for the weeks I was working on supply than the ones in charge of a toddler 24/7!
    I would say main thing is to TRY (this is pot calling kettle black, by the way) to relax and not fret about what may or may not be. My brother found it so hard when his kids woke in the night that he spent half the time he could sleep so stressed or irritated by the inevitable disruptions that he made it 1000 times worse! You will cope with whatever comes your way.

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