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Teaching and Bipolar disorder

Discussion in 'Personal' started by eternal_rose, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. This is an incredibly long shot, but is there anyone out there who is either Bipolar themselves or has a bipolar person in family/as a partner?

    I'm an NQT and am going through a rough patch where my partner (who is bipolar) is going through manic/hypermanic and occasional psychosis cycles currently. Due to this I have ended up making some mistakes in my marking, but have not made any mistakes like this before.
    My HOD has reported the marking to the head and now she is talking about compentancy/disiplinary. I have a vague idea about what this is but otherwise I'm totally in the dark.
    Only a few people in the school know about my home life and Ive only had one really negative reaction - the person, despite being a line manager, is now avoiding me and giving me looks as if I have grown a third head!
    any advice from anyone out there with how to balance such a complex home life and teaching?
    thanks in advance
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    FGS what sort of HoD haver you got that brings about such an event.unless its a major disaster... you need to talk to the head and sort it out.......no head can reasonable expect you to not be effected by your partners problems............and not to the poiintof contemplating competency
    This later threat you ned to take seriously as its process where by the seek to remove you from your post by taking out actions......its along process andquite painful in the stress it causes.........if that isd threatened then in future yu are advised first to contact union( i would still do it to cover yourself) and then make sure any contact you have with head ot HOD is recorded and you have no off the cuff discussions.As to the procedure you can google for this........but i cant blieve they woud contemplate this for a set of poor marks.Unless there are other issues involved.
    if you send me an addey i know of one teacher who suffers bi polar needs.and she can point you to appropriate help as she has suffered a lot over it in the past few years.She might be willing to help or talk with you....but i cant promise
  3. Thank you so much, I really wasnt expecting any reply as I know its a very unusual set of circumstances.
    Had a meeting with the head and nqt mentor, and they are extending my nqt year - which is a good thing as I have had practically no support since xmas! its only for one term so hey ho. at least I might actually get some support now!

    The head was really unsupportive of my home life - saying and I quote "we all have personal lives, you have to forget it" oh so useful when last week he was talking about getting me support for at home.

    thank you again for replying, its nice to know someone cares


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