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Teaching Agencies are they worth it?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by chekhuo, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. chekhuo

    chekhuo New commenter


    I am NQT, complete my PGCE course in FE and Training, my area of specialism is Art and Design. So far I have applied for 20 vacancies and not even an interview. I have registered for 9 agencies but my finances are going to run out by the end of the week, I am behind with my rent and council tax. I don't know what more I need to do, as I am constantly filling in application forms and ringing up agencies for work, but no work at all. I am considering leaving this and going to sell the big issue instead, what is the point?
  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Have you registered as unemployed?
  3. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    You have two problems

    1) Your subject- Oversubscribed and increasingly sidelined in schools.

    2) The PGCE- Why did you complete it is FE? Do you have school experience?

    You are behind on rent and council tax so what Wotton says is spot on. In the short term I think you have to get some support. Maybe, at least in the short term, you have to expand your job search outside of teaching (cover supervisor? TA?) and maybe outside of education full stop. Where about are you?

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