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Teaching aborad for an NQT

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by akirk, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. akirk

    akirk New commenter

    Dear Sunsar89,
    There is a high possibility of you getting a good job abroad. I know because I did this after I obtained NQT status and worked for two years in an International British School in Eastern Europe. I'm now back in the UK and work in an international school here, which is amazing; I couldn't have got the job without the experiences I had working abroad.
    Everyone has different reasons for overseas teaching, for me it was a chance to experience things I had never felt or done before whilst doing a job I loved.
    My recommendation is to take the hippo's advice to another poster: you should think about joining the International Schools' Review which contains thousands of reviews of international schools - this way you can find out the details of any schools you wish to apply for.
    As you are an English teacher like me, being able and willing to teach English as an additional language certainly makes you more employable - I use the skills as an EAL/EFL teacher at my current school - it's never bad to learn how to teach English in a different way - in fact, it really helped me when working with lower ability students, if that is the PC term thesedays, and increasing my knowledge of grammar has really aided me when teaching text reponses.
    To sum up, if you want it - do it - but really research where you want to go and make sure you feel 100% satisfied with the school and making the choice to work abroad. When I decided to work at my previous school, I swapped contact details of teachers there and continued to email them before I left the UK to make friends and really know the area. Learning a few phrases also helps you settle in.
    It can be the best experience of your life, so good luck!

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